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Club Echo

Something so Free yet Entrancing

A typical night at Club Echo, looks like on average of about thirty clients watching the dancers, and about a third of them want a dance in the paradise suite. The music loud, lights flashing, the atmosphere is a perfect breeding ground for chaos. Bring someone at the brink of sexual desire but deprive them, and it will bring out their true self.  I love dancing so much because it does exactly that.

One man approaches the bar and I overhear him order a dirty martini, I was a little surprised as most of the gentlemen there are very sensitive about their masculinity and generally just order beer or shots. This man is handsome, gentle, well-spoken, I feel an instant connection. Every shift your goal is to try and connect with one client above the rest, in order to gain more energy and hopefully tips.

Club Echo on the outside looks like a normal club, nothing out of the ordinary. But once inside, you start to see it for it's true self; a Lotus Club of seduction. We have a few admitted sirens as co-workers, some demons. They promised to not harm any of the clients or the staff and they seem to have a way of making those clients who don't want to pony up as much of opening up their wallets more, so it's seen as a win-win.

Something has been gnawing at me something fierce, I'm not sure what it is. I don't feel at home anymore, this place has turned into something else for me. I want to escape but when I saw that man, I felt... different. 

As I'm dancing on the left side of the stage, he sits directly in front of me and sips his martini. I lock eyes with him and grind on the pole more. When I lower myself to the floor I look at him and start feeling my inner thigh. He responds with a smirk.

I ask him if he wants a dance in a paradise suite and he nods. When he grabs my hand and we walk down the corridor, the security guards blindfold him. When I sit him down, I feel different... better. This must be how the sirens feel. As far as I know, I'm human... I've just been feeling... out of sorts as of late...

When I climb on top of him and start to grind on him, he moans in pleasure. I tilt his head to the left and lick his neck and moan slightly into his ear. I feel his erection and it just makes me dance on him harder. I start to hum in his ear and it just makes him even harder.

I think it's ironic. When I was growing up a lot of people made fun of my voice. A classmate even suggested that I try and make it sound deeper in order to avoid being made fun of. Now, I've been complimented on it by strangers. I'm very picky about who I sing or hum in front of. But with him, it just feels so natural. 

Suddenly, I feel it. A warmth in his pants. My eyes widen, I feel my teeth elongate and change. I have to force myself to resist taking a bite out of him. Seduction is the game. I kiss his cheek and get up and leave, I know he will be back. I end up just leaving the club; I even leave my tips. I felt like it would be more effective that way.

The next night, I see him again. He orders a Dirty Martini and a Moscow Mule which happens to be my favorite. When I queried how he knew, he said that he asked around. We don't use our real names so he had to get very descriptive. 

That makes me blush. I feel weird. I'm not used to people wanting to know about me or being so...enchanted that they've asked around or done some digging. It makes me feel... important. Even though he may not have that much influence and I know nothing about him, his interest in me makes me feel... special. 

I dance once more for the man. He is unlike any other clients that I have danced for before. He seems peaceful, patient, and caring. Most of the clients that attend just treat us like they would retail workers (viewing us as disposable). 

Everything in me wants to run to and away from him all at once. It's a weird sensation. After the dance, I pull out a joint and smoke and talk to one of the other sirens.

"How did you first know that you were a siren? Like... you turned into one. You weren't born as one?"

"It's complicated. Some are born, other discover that they are much later in their life. I knew when I reached about seventeen. Others develop the mutation in their adolescence."

"How do you usually feel when you see a male client that you're attracted to?"

"Excited. Knowing without a doubt that I'm able to seduce him is a huge turn on. That confidence, that exhilaration feels incredible."

"Can sirens fall in love?"

The colleague pauses for a long while and looks uncomfortable.

"I...I...should really get going." 

She leaves abruptly and goes onstage. 

The talk was weird... I felt like she had answered my question without saying much at all. 

I feel shivers and all out of sorts. I don't know what to do, I don't know how to explain how I feel; I've never felt this way before. Part of me wants to forget about him, to push him away from me at all costs and just drown myself in sex, weed, and music. Doing so would most likely be the best and worse corse of action; the safest choice in terms of my sanity (stuck on an infinite loop). 

But somehow I know without a doubt that going down that path, would irrevocably change me. I want to lose myself in the call of the music, the sounds, the energy, all of it. But he makes me feel like a part of me doesn't want to lose myself. 

The man comes back and this dance, he whispers in my ear.

"I want to take you out of here."

"Where would we go?"

"I dunno. That's the best part, right? Not knowing where you're headed to next."

I am stunned by his response. I've always been so used to trying to control everything and thinking ten if not fifteen steps ahead. I know that if I go with him, everything will change. 

Suddenly, I feel a shift in the atmosphere. The other sirens and demons know that this one is special. Once in a while we have a client who falls in love with one of the dancers and tries and "saves" them. They usually end up dating and taking care of them, treating them like a wounded bird they found on the side of the street. 

Management hates it. Most of the time the dancers cave because they like the extra attention, then suddenly their shifts get cut, they dance less and less and before you know it... boom, they end up quitting. 

"I... I should really go back on stage." 

The man looks disappointed and I try and erase him from my mind for the duration of my shift. I feel... strange. He is constantly on my mind and I feel like I have no control over anything. A strange vibration starts to emit from my throat and I feel all of the eyes of the patrons on me.

I start to pull in their energy, their essence; their very life force and it makes my whole body feel electric. I wish I was in the water. I decide to go for a swim after. My apartment doesn't have a swimming pool so I decided to rent a room at a hotel for the night. I seduce one of the hotel staff and he lets me have the key to the pool, provided I give him back it before two in the morning. 

I swipe my keycard and the door opens. I felt a bit more important. I usually don't bother trying to change things or achieve my goals, I tend to not see the point. I'm used to feeling apathetic and not really caring about anything. There's no point really. All this bottled up hatred, self-loathing, and other emotions all just tend to bleed together into one strange feeling. All at once, and then nothing. The nothingness lingers.

I go into the locker room and start to change into my trunks when I realize, no one else is in here. I decide to swim nude. The moment my body hits the water, I feel... more alive; like something within me has awakened. I start to hum and sing then, my body starts to move with the water, almost becoming one with it. 

The worker that I seduced, came into the pool room. I saw the door open and I started to try and appear to float in the water. He pauses and just continues to stare at me in awe. He drops his extra keycard. I take him into my embrace. I start humming and singing and his eyes start to shift into a black color, he blindly marches forward into the water.

I start to ponder my power and how much I can flex it. I start humming different notes and pitches, trying to toy with his body like one does a puppet; he responses exactly like how I want him to. He takes off his shirt, and then his pants. His socks and shoes, and then even his boxers. I hum louder and louder and he responds exactly like in my mind.

Whatever I hum, or sing, I just picture him responding to my sound in the way that I want him to, and he does. Soon, he's in the water with me. He craves me, goes to kiss me but I grab his face and hold him at bay; we dancers have a no kissing rule (it develops attachment so it is frowned upon). Even the dancers that make arrangements outside of the club tend to steer away from kissing, it's one of those insider rules of the trade.

I tilt his neck to the side and lick and bite him. I start to change even more, and the next moments I start to black out.

I awaken in my room soaking wet (but not feeling uncomfortable). I worry that I may have left a trace of the incident in the pool, and not fully understanding what I may have done, I run to the pool to check out the scene.

Once there, I try and swipe the keycard but it doesn't work. I try humming as I swipe it, and that seems to do the trick. I don't see blood in the water. I run to the locker room and I don't see any blood or a body.

I just assume that I just dreamt it and I turn to go back to my room and I run into the man once more. 

"More. I must have more."

He reaches out for me.

I don't feel like entertaining him so I just hum a low pitch and he falls asleep.

I look forward to flexing my new discovered power at work. I decide to check out of the hotel early before they have a look at the security cameras.

The following night:

The club felt different. Better. Like I could drain all the energy into me instead of it feeling like I'm one with the club, just a tool. When I'm dancing it's better. I know the clients can't hear me humming, but they seem to respond to it, as they keep putting more money into the tip jars.

He comes back and sits in his normal spot. I guess it's normal for him now since it's where he sat the last three times he came to the club. When I dance for him once more and he grabs my wrist begging me to go with him.

I feel it. I feel my heart, my soul, every single cell in my body activating with an electric and vibrating sense. 


I respond surprising even myself. Going with him, having that change would be good... that love. I don't want it. I chose to lose myself, I chose to embrace my nature and lose myself and everything. 

I close my eyes and just let the world around me collapse and fall into complete darkness. When I open my eyes, I look right at him and feel nothing. I decide I'm done dancing for the night and turn and exit the club.

When I'm walking out, I see colleagues look at me and I feel their shift. They realize another siren has awoken. I look forward to seeing just how many clients I can sway...

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Club Echo
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