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Black Erotica

She wasn’t always sexually adventurous. She had been a complete and utter prude when he’d met her one year earlier. He had been drawn initially to her earthy nature and her gentle spirit. Of course, it hadn’t hurt that she was extremely easy on the eyes. She had one of those faces that implied she’d won the genetic lottery and to be honest, her body, though often hidden by conservative clothing, was a sight to behold. She was subtly voluptuous with a flat toned stomach. Her hips were well defined as were her legs, as if she was extremely fond of leg day at the gym.

Right now, he was looking forward to spreading those legs and having his way with her sexually, but he was patient. Never one to go straight for the finish line he enjoyed bringing her to earth-shattering orgasms and feeling her body throb and convulse beneath his. Tonight, however, he wanted to do something slightly different.

She was sitting on her daybed, propped up by several pillows. He was seated on the floor, his back against the bed, half watching the movie she had put on. Some sci-fi flick about a scientist who’d developed a formula that could send a man through time. Not quite an A-list film, but not too shabby either. He wasn’t fully attentive to it, however. He was more aware of her soft brown legs which were crossed just inches from his shoulder.

He reached down and gently caressed her foot. It was a slow, deliberate movement that normally aroused her instantly. This time, however, she playfully smacked the back of his head.

“Stop that,” she ordered. “You said we would only be doing WebFilms and Chill.”

“This is the Chill part," he replied.

“Seriously? I’m actually enjoying this,” she said.

“And I’m enjoying this,” he answered as he caressed her foot yet again.

She half kicked at his hand but didn’t resist his massaging hand further. He turned slightly and gently took her foot in his hand, massaging it more intently. She shifted slightly among the plethora of pillows and visibly relaxed, her eyes glued to the TV screen.

She released a quiet contented sigh and he turned to face her fully. He reached for her other foot and repeated the process of massage. Her beautiful face was still turned towards the TV, her brown eyes darting back and forth taking in the action there. He knew it was a façade as she parted her legs slightly. He knew what she wanted. She made no secret of her love of oral sex and had no problem initiating it, either by receiving or giving. Tonight, her desire was clear. It was her turn.

Or so she thought. He ran his hands along her calves, up and down, stopping right below her knees several times before he parting her legs wider. She met his eyes then, yearning, hopeful. She hiked up her sundress enough to reveal her thick brown legs. He pushed it up even further until he could see the neatly trimmed patch of soft hair at the apex of her thighs. He licked his lips and momentarily reconsidered his intent, but that thought passed and he got to his knees beside the bed.

“Lie on your back,” he commanded her.

She moved to remove the sundress first, but he placed his hand on hers to halt the action.

“No, leave it on.”

She nodded and lay on her back. He leaned over her, gazing into her beautiful eyes, looking into her very soul. Then he leaned down to kiss her. His lips met hers as he reached up to cup her face in both hands, drawing her closer. His tongue parted her lips and danced with her tongue in the way that seasoned lovers do. His hands disappeared into her locks as their kisses deepened. With his right hand, he tightened his grip on a handful of her hair. With the left, he took her left hand in his and slid two of her fingers into his mouth, sucking them gently and getting them nice and wet. When he was satisfied, he placed her hand between her thighs on her moist slit.

“Touch yourself,” he spoke.

Tentatively she did so, frowning just a bit and he knew she had again expected something quite different. But she didn’t stop the circular motion on her clit.

His free hand reached into the top of her sundress and removed one of her breasts. It filled his hand with its fullness, its dark areola beckoning his mouth closer. He swirled his tongue around the dark patch before engulfing her hardened nipple into his mouth, sucking and biting it gently. He could feel it swell and he continued to circle it with his talented tongue.

She moaned audibly as he continued to devour her exposed breast. His hand reached down then to cover hers as she feverishly stroked her wet pussy. Now they were both exploring the valleys and crevices of her womanhood while he sucked on her breast and tightened his grip on her locks. He came up for air from her breast and met her eyes.

“I want you to cum for me.”

She moaned even louder as the realization of their mutual attention to her pussy aroused her in ways she had not before imagined.

“Mmm,” he murmured. “That’s it. Give me what I want. Cum, baby,”

He removed her hand from its work and sucked her fingers into his mouth, relishing every drop of her pussy juices. He then replaced his own hand and stroked her clit expertly. He dipped into her wet hole, withdrew it and then used the slick moisture to caress the clit, making his lover arch her back in response.

Her breath quickened as she drew closer and closer to her release. He didn’t let up for one moment as he used his grip on her hair to turn her face to himself.

“Look at me when you cum. I want to see your pleasure.”

She locked onto his gaze as is fingers increased their pressure on her hot button of desire.

Her legs began to shake as he did so and she could not hold it in any longer.

“OhBabyOhBabyOhBabyyyyyyyy!!!” she exclaimed.

And then she came hard, her gaze meeting his unyieldingly.

He saw deeply into her at that moment. They became each other. Their hearts were one. Their souls equally so.

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