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Why I Love CBT

CBT? Cock and bull torture...

I will always remember my first CBT session, it was with a little old man on the out skirts of London. He had a wife, and a couple of children, he came across my profile on a FinDom community website and he approached me asking if I was interested in CBT. Being a fairly new Domme, I said that I have interest in it, but I have never had a session before… this made him even more interested. He wanted to be my first CBT session.

So he gave me his details and a list of things that he enjoys and we booked the session.

I did my research online, trying to get ideas on how to make my first CBT session amazing, and after hours of browsing through the internet, I felt like I was ready to go and conquer the world—well his balls at least!

It was session day and I was driving down the little roads towards his house, and as I entered his home, all I could think was “wow, this is a beautiful home, his wife has obviously spent time making it perfect, but her husband would rather bring round Dommes and have his balls tortured in this beautiful abode.”

Session time—I was nervous, because I was sure how hard was too hard.

But I thought f*ck it why am I going to hold back... so I went for it, and I really went for it.

I remember he was on the ground, whimpering but saying thank you Princess with every kick to the balls. I knew with every kick my force was increasing, his noise turned from shy whimpers into groans of agony. I was loving it, I remember I started to verbally abuse him, I spat all over him, letting him know that he was a worthless piece of sh*t and I give his life meaning. He just kept thanking me. I pulled him up to the sofa and pressed my heels into his balls, I watched his face go from red to a dark red, his cheeks were puffing out and his knuckles were going white. I asked him, if he hurt and he said, "No Princess, nothing you do to me is pain, it is an honour." I loved it, because even though I knew he was in the deepest of pains... he wanted to make me happy!

I took a cigarette and lit it, I put it close to his balls, I watched his eyes widen with fear and I placed it against his balls...

After heating his balls up for a while, I tied a rope around his cock, put him on all fours and pulled his dick using the rope. His little pindick was having a good stretching session, I told him that my aim was to get his pindick up his arse (obviously it was never going to happen, it was way too small), but I pulled and tugged as hard as I could. His dick was so pathetic it did not belong in the presence of a woman, it was useless to his wife, and I am shocked that he thought he could ever please her with it.

I spent about an hour torturing his manlihood, or lack thereof and he begged me to cum the whole time. He was not allowed to cum unto I gave him the command to do so. I waited another 30 minutes or so, and I shouted cum. Within seconds his pindick started oozing cum, I watched it leaked out and him groan in satisfaction. I was not finished there, I wanted to leave my mark in his home, so I entered his bedroom and rubbed myself all over his marital bed, on the pillows… the old couple will be sleeping with the smell of me on their bed for the next couple of days. Hahahaaa!

To the outside non-BDSM world this was insane, but to us this was pure pleasure. I can't imagine my life being vanilla, even my "vanilla" sex life has BDSM, now not CBT but load of tea-... that's a story for another day ;)