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Saucypants: Wearable Technology for Online Dating

Ossiana Tepfenhart
in Humor

In 2017, the dating scene seems to be almost entirely app-based. We've been blasted by creeps on OKC, swiped left on Tinder, had our Coffee Meets Bagel meet-ups, and maybe even looked into moving into a faraway place just so we could use a website like FarmersMeet because city dating just sucks that much. Apps and dating sites now account as the meeting place for as many as 1 out of every 5 couples out there. It all sounds great until you actually notice how sexualized and creepy online dating h...

Dirtiest Movie Titles

Annie Kiely
in Humor

It isn't just you. There are so many movies competing for our attention, and sometimes Hollywood needs to resort to some crass tricks to get us to pay attention. Titles that imply the movie is shockin...

Ye Olde Kinkery

Mickey Finn
in Humor

Bondage and Domination didn’t begin with 50 Shades of Grey any more than pornography began with Deepthroat. The practices, as we know them today, go back over a century. To be fair, they go back much ...

8 Sexual Positions for Underachievers

Ellie Guzman
in Humor

Girl on top? The only thing I'll be on top of this year is filing my taxes on time. My legs look and feel like two Twinkies that melted together so the only way I can pull off any position with "Cowgi...

What She's Really Thinking While Watching Porn with Her Man

Jus L'amore
in Humor

What porn is to men, Romcoms are to women. Both involve fantasy, unnaturally proportioned actors, and of course the most unlikely of outcomes. Which is why couples don't always see eye to eye when it ...

Wacky Sex Toy of the Week: 'The Hand-Job Cocksheath'

Anne St. Marie
in Humor

Missing your regular dose of weird and (dubiously) wonderful sex toys? Well, let me assuage your worries, because Wacky Sex Toy of the Week is back, we’re ---- well, sort of beige, really ---- and we’...

Dating Struggles of a Millennial

Mitch Curran
in Humor

There are an endless number of struggles faced by Millennials in the dating world. Let's dip our toes into the metaphorical dating pool. Are you a twenty-something who has come to the realization that...

Creepy Things that Are Acceptable In a Relationship

Yadim Shmaltz
in Humor

If you are in a long lasting relationship, you might have noticed some of the creepy things that you accept or even do with your significant other and still consider to be completely normal. There are...

Let's Talk About Sex

Beca Sayers
in Humor

For those of you younger generations out there, you might want to cover those eyes because this isn't censored. This is just a causal conversation about sex and those hormones that arose us. So grab a...

The Paul Walker Effect

Matt Swecker
in Humor

I have a theory about attraction. The theory is best illustrated by a scene at the beginning of the original "The Fast and the Furious." Paul Walker (may he rest in peace) plays Brian O'Connor, a man who apparently really enjoys the tuna salad sandwich at the place of employment of his crush, Mia. In the movie, he goes to the diner day after day for the shitty tuna sandwich (on white bread without crust) and because she thinks he's hot stuff, she finds it endearing that he visits her every day a...

Wacky Sex Toy of the Week: 'Ovipositor Dildos'

Anne St. Marie
in Humor

This third edition of Wacky Sex Toy of the Week features some truly unique toys...yes, they’ve all been pretty unique so far, but these are uniquer. Uniqueful. Uniquest. Yes, perhaps even more so than...

What Do You Call Your Live-In Lover?  

Danielle Banner
in Humor

Lover? Boyfriend? Par amour? Fiancé? Baby? Dependent? Consort? Sweetheart? Honey? Roommate? If he’s not your husband and you’re living together, he’s your…? You’re his…? It’s about time there was a wo...

Dating Rules of Engagement 

Kim Stetz
in Humor

I was once blind but now I see. Could it really be THAT simple? I talk about “a light going off” all of the time when I teach yoga. That ahhhh - now I get it feeling. And now I get it. I like rules an...

Donald Trump’s Favorite Celebrity Sex Tapes

Frank White
in Humor

Recently presidential candidate Donald Trump went on a 3AM twitter rant which included urging his followers to check out a supposed sex tape featuring former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. In addition ...

How Women Think Men See Them

Izzy Erlich
in Humor

More commentary on the accusations of women’s movement leaders that many men still see women almost exclusively as sex objects is part of the ongoing mission of the movement. In Tender Trap, Italian i...

Stripper Problems

Samantha Bentley
in Humor

Since everyone seemed to absorb so much enjoyment from my 'Pornstar Problems’ I thought I would continue the theme. Shortly prior to taking my clothes off on camera, I took my clothes off on stage… an...