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Best Porn Star Snapchat Stories to Follow

Bea Norton
in Entertainment

If there is any group of entertainers that seem to have gained the most out of social media, it'd have to be porn stars. In many cases, the right tweets, Snapchat stories, and Instagram photos have al...

7 of the Internet's Most Insanely Viral Photos!

Matt Cates
in Entertainment

Everyone loves viral photographs, which is why they go viral in the first place. And there's an ark full of creatures out there spending resources studying the science of online virality, their mole e...

Destination: Cougar Town

Vera Roja
in Entertainment

Introducing the sexiest cougars in US entertainment- women who will ONLY date hot men, who are young enough to be their sons!

Penthouse Founder Bob Guccione’s Life Being Turned Into TV Series

Jeremy Frommer
in Entertainment

Penthouse founder Bob Guccione’s rise to the top of the media landscape and fall into financial ruin will be the subject of a new television series, Variety has learned. Jerrick and Maven Pictures are...


Mickey Finn
in Entertainment

The internet has made communication incredibly fast, and put nearly anything you want to find right at your fingertips. Being the hairless bonobos that we are, we almost instantly filled it with porn ...

NSFW Subreddits You Need to See

Miranda O'Conner
in Entertainment

Reddit remains a versatile website full of numerous subreddits devoted toward certain communities who wish to see something incredible, so it was only a matter of time before NSFW Subreddits sprang up...

15 Sexy Roleplays for Nerdy Couples

Bethany Tiamat
in Entertainment

Nerdy couples can sometimes share some of their favorite fandoms, but maybe, with a few clever roleplays, they can share more than just that. There are many jokes about nerds and their sex lives, but ...

Did I Kill Playboy?

Sarah McDaniel
in Entertainment

This is a statement that still blows my mind, but I am the only person on the planet that can say it honestly: I was on the cover of Playboy's first non-nude issue. After 63 years of showing every pos...

Hottest Lesbian Celebrities

Caesar Finkle
in Entertainment

It is an open secret that the world wants to know which of the hottest celebrities are lesbians, and frequently try to rate lesbian celebrities based on who they think is the hottest. These women are ...

Why I Walked

Beca Sayers
in Entertainment

It’s our anniversary. Celebrating two years together and I should be ecstatic. Wait, no that’s not the word. Maybe surprised? No that doesn’t sound good. Maybe the word is happy. Suddenly, that word s...

Save Your Money With These Creative 50 Cheap Date Ideas

Sheera Lee
in Entertainment

Whether it’s your anniversary, sweetheart’s birthday, or just a plain old Tuesday – these 50 cheap date ideas will keep your romance alive (but on a budget). Work on a fun DIY project together. Purcha...

Natural Breast Porn Stars

Caesar Finkle
in Entertainment

Let’s face it, it often seems as though having fake boobs is a prerequisite for becoming a porn star when you look at the girls who make a name for themselves in the industry versus the ones who do a ...

9 Non-Pornographic Films Starring Pornographic Actresses

Alejandro Guillú Mendoza
in Entertainment

Porn stars have short acting careers and most of them cannot make enough cash to retire for the rest of their lives. The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama in London seems like a good long term in...

Ultimate Guide to Shower Sex

Yadim Shmaltz
in Entertainment

Shower sex is a perfect way for a couple to spice things up with a change of scenery without ever leaving the house. However, you may find that when it comes time to do the deed, the reality may be qu...

Best Porn Stars to Follow on Twitter

Caesar Finkle
in Entertainment

The best porn stars to follow on Twitter are the ones who show their lives behind the camera. You can get steamy come-ons anywhere (after all, that’s what porn is for!) These women aren’t afraid to sh...

Interview With Anne Bancroft, The Original Cougar

Filthy Media
in Entertainment

Her iconic role as Mrs. Robinson was an older married woman that tried to seduce the much younger Benjamin Braddock. Her role in The Graduate set the standard for what every cougar would be judged by:...