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Call Me Daddy

A Tale of White Socks

I was never much into role play, but I am down for anything so when he asked me to wear white ankle socks with ruffles on it I obliged. He was tall and black and very muscular. He had a hard past and his present didn't seem too easy, but it was clear that this was the life he was comfortable living. The first time I came to his apartment, a two bedroom that at least three other men were living in, I was alarmed at the gas stove being lit, all four burners ablaze with nothing cooking on them. When I asked why the burners were on he looked at me like I was crazy and said "for heat." I knew Jamal, or "Furious" as he preferred to be called, wasn't a long time thing, I knew it would be fleeting, but I found myself caring about  him, genuinely caring about his well-being. The first time he asked me about the little white socks I was taken aback. It seemed like an odd request. Slutty lingerie, crotch-less panties, even anal...but little white socks? I told him I'd see what I could do and tried not to think too much more about it. But then he asked me again, he was really wanting to see my feet in those socks, said it would turn him on. 

I walked through his living room full of people and made my way to his bedroom. He was sitting on the bed in a loose pair of grey sweatpants with no shirt on, listening to music. He lifted his head up to acknowledge me and then went right back to his music. Eyes closed, head moving to the beat. I was overcome with lust at that moment. His big muscles and bald head moving in tune with the beat was sexy. I was wearing the socks, the white socks with the ruffles. They folded at the ankle, exposing petite ruffles all along the cuff. I slipped off my shoes and hiked up my skirt and stood over him. I wanted him to notice the socks. His bed, which was nothing more than a mattress on the ground, was much lower than me, so I was towering over him, his face level with my crotch. I wasn't typically the initiator of sex with Jamal, he was a take charge kind of guy and I was comfortable in a submissive role. He scanned my body, slowly and intensely. I felt nervous and excited. He grabbed me by the hips and threw me onto his bed. He had my arms pinned and his knee was rubbing into my pussy. "I see you were a good girl, you did what Daddy told you to do," 
I never called men "daddy" it creeped me out, but I didn't think now was a time to object. I nodded, my breathing was fast and part of me felt scared. He undressed me, not slowly or sensually, but urgently. He left the socks on. "I want you on your knees, in front of me," he said. I got on my knees, looking up at him, wondering what was next. "Put this dick in your mouth, nice and slow, just how daddy likes." His cock was huge, and harder than I'd ever felt. I put it in my mouth and began to slowly suck up and down on his shaft. He grabbed the back of my head, pushing me down harder and faster on his dick. I gagged and saliva dribbled down my chin. He moaned with pleasure. Our eyes were locked and I kept sucking on his dick, allowing his hand on my head to determine the speed. "mmm you think you're gonna get this in your mouth? Is that what you want? You want me to cum down your pretty little throat?" I kept sucking, nodding my head. He pulled out of my mouth and pushed me back onto the mattress. "You're not gonna get it yet, I want that pretty little pussy on my dick." With that, he pushed into me, his huge dick pulsating through my wet pussy. I winced a little and he went deeper and harder. My feet were on his shoulders and his hands were gripped around the ruffles of my socks. He would look from the socks to my pussy and fuck me harder. I told him I wanted him to make me cum, I wanted him to feel my cum drip down his cock. He told me to call him "Daddy" and I did. "Tell daddy you want this dick, tell daddy you want to taste his cum..." and I said it, over and over again. "Please cum in  my mouth, daddy, I want to taste you in my mouth." He pulled his dick out of my pussy and stuck it deep in my throat. I felt him spill down the back of my throat, his hot sweet cum dousing my throat. He pulled out of my mouth and put his sweat pants and headphones back on. "I've got somewhere to be, you can see yourself out," he said. I quickly got dressed and left, knowing I'd never see him again. 

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Call Me Daddy
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