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Cabin Wonderland

Breaking the Ice

Maybe coming back was a mistake. That night should have never happened, that night I just gave it away like it was nothing. I should have saved myself for someone I loved and not a stranger. But the stranger. Oh God did he make me feel like never before. Looking back at the cabin, I stop the car and just the memories of what happened in there give me an exhilarating feeling all over my body. Stepping out I can hear just how steep the snow is as its being crushed beneath me. He's there. I just know it. Every step is taking me deeper into that boiling pot he's conjured up. Getting out the keys I move to open the door but then I realize it's already open, and I can hear him inside. Going inside I slowly close the door and exhale the air I didn’t realize I was holding in. The second I do that I see him leaning on the kitchen wall facing me.

"Uh..hi?" I smile sheepishly at him.

"Hi? That’s all I get after you ignored me for two fucking years?" he says all too calmly.

"Yeah? I mean no! I mean, oh god how do I put this?"

"Don't worry, take your time. I waited two years, I can wait a couple of minutes," he said as he was taking a seat on the couch, still looking at me.

He waited? What exactly does that mean, does that mean he didn’t…

"You're thinking out loud again love," he says as I sit down in front of him, my face instantly turning red as I look at the black-white marble coffee table separating us.

" Yeah, I waited." Then he leaned in towards me. He still looked the same as when I first saw him at that bar. Those terrible deep grey eyes that just hold you captive and that brown-reddish tucked back hair that just adds to the mystery of this man.

"Seriously? Two years just for me?" I say surprised.

"I could ask you the same thing, you haven't been with any other guy since me," he says now smirking at my expense.

"Well I, uh." Well, now I'm speechless. Freaking wonderful.

"So what's your excuse? I waited because I fucking care for you Andrea. Sure it was the attraction at first, one I know that's mutual. But after a while, I started to get to know you and I honestly fell for you. I was pissed off when you just left that morning and never left a note, not even your fucking phone number. But I tracked you down and I fell in love with the type of person you are." I couldn’t help the tears that fell down as he poured out his heart at my feet. I knew he was tracking me, who else would visit my Facebook page ten freaking times a day. The guy's obsessed but I couldn’t help but be attracted to him. He was the first and he was so caring, so gentle that I can't help it.

"Plus the conversation at the bar really helped me reach this conclusion," he said laying back down. Wait. What conversation.

"What conversation Damon?" I said.

"Now you're being serious. You don’t remember how you were basically pouring out your life story at me while being slightly intoxicated?" he said smirking, thinking back I tried to remember but each time I do all I remember is his touch across my skin. Those big hands caressing me, holding me, making love to me.

"Your face is getting red Andrea. Just what are you thinking about?" he said very low I turn to look at him.

"Nothing," I say and look at the kitchen. Was he making something in there earlier?

"Andrea." Oh god, the way he keeps saying my name takes me back to how he kept calling my name as he slid in and out of me. I felt the couch sink suddenly and when I turn left he's sitting next to me, staring at me. I was about to speak but he interrupted me by going in for the kill. The second he started to devour my mouth and pulling me further into him I accidentally let a moan escape. He continued to roughly dominate me and laid me down on the couch, now on top of me, he spread out my legs with his and got in between. Laying his lower half on mine and moving

ever so slowly. Earning him more moans coming out of me. His hands then went to my sides and under my shirt, slowly rising up to my chest. Oh god. Should I really be doing this? The last time I did was because I got tired of my uptight boss and needed a drink and well, that led to what is gonna happen again right now.

"Andrea. If you want to continue this, follow me. Otherwise, leave and never come back," he says suddenly and goes into one of the bedrooms. Looking towards the front door I get up. This was a mistake. But then, how come with each step I take towards the door, my chest feels tighter? Finally, I was standing in front of the door and as I heard a commotion coming from the other room which sounded like the door being closed, I realized what I needed to do.

"This is insane." I turn back and go towards the bedroom. I knock and the noises stop.

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Cabin Wonderland
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