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Bush vs. Bush

The Rubber Penis Play

Nicole and Evie have been married for about three years now and their relationship is awesome. They are pretty much soulmates and love each other very much. Well, their anniversary was coming up and Nicole wanted to do something special for her. She wanted to show how much she really cared for and loved her, so she went to planning a special evening for just the two of them.

Everyone of their friends knew they were lesbian and a couple and looked forward to wishing them a happy anniversary, so there was going to be a short get to together dinner with everyone there and then Nicole would start their romantic evening.

Evie only knew about the get-together and nothing more. She was excited to celebrate the special day with all their friends. Nicole set everything up and made all the arrangements for their evening and it would go off without a hitch. She knew that Evie would love what she had planned for her.

The day had finally come when they would have their get together and Nicole and Evie were dressed very nicely. Nicole even bought Evie a bouquet of roses which were her favorite. They gathered together with their friends and had a nice meal and gifts were given to them both.

After dinner and mingling with everyone, Nicole grabbed Evie by the hand and walked her out to their car to head home for Evie’s next gift. Evie got in the car and Nicole behind the wheel and drove them home. They had a great conversation on the way home and were very happy.

When they arrived at their front door, Nicole unlocked the door an pushed it open for Evie to enter the house. When the door was opened completely, there was the scent of sandalwood burning and white rose petals scattered along the floor in a path to follow.

Evie walked along the path which led to their bedroom. When she entered the bedroom, there were votive candles burning everywhere and flower petals that led over to the bed and even up on the bed. There was the aroma of sexy smelling incense burning and as Evie stood there admiring everything, Nicole came up behind her and wrapped her arms around her waist and whispered, “I love you,” softly in her ear.

Evie turned after a few minutes and wrapped her arms around Nicole’s neck kissing her passionately. Nicole could feel her tongue softly make its way into her mouth and she reciprocated with hers back. Their kiss was long and enticing. Their hands were fondling each other’s bodies.

Once their lips parted, Nicole grabbed her hand and led her over to the rose petal covered bed. Evie stood next to the bed while Nicole began unbuttoning her blouse and slipping it off her shoulders dropping it to the floor.

Nicole leaned forward and softly kissed her bare shoulders while Evie ran her fingers through Nicole’s hair. It was such a romantic moment between the two of them. Evie reached at Nicole’s waist and slowly pulled her shirt over her head and then reaching behind her to unsnap her bra and allowing it to fall to the floor as well.

Evie took her hands and gently fondled Nicole’s 34-C breasts while Nicole reaches around and unsnapped Evie’s bra. She stared into Evie’s eyes as the bra fell to the floor. She took her hands and caressed the sides of Evie’s face pulling her in to kiss her again and their breasts pressed into each other. Now, Evie’s 36-D cups felt so erotic when pressed against Nicole’s breasts.

Nicole began kissing Evie down over her shoulders and even ran her tongue around Evie’s purplish nipples before kissing her abdomen while slipping her little skirt down her firm thighs and to the floor. Evie quietly moaned with every touch from Nicole and she loved how Nicole spoils her.

Once Nicole got her skirt down, she was looking at her favorite lacey white panties. She uses her teeth to pull them down before using her hands and slips them to the floor. She looks directly ahead and sees that trimmed bushy vagina of her wife’s. She sticks her face in the bush and takes a whiff of it.

Nicole pulls away smiling that her wife’s vagina smells so good. She stands back up and begins unbuttoning her jeans and pulls them down stepping out of them. While she stands there in nothing but her panties, she gently has Evie lay back on the bed.

She climbs up over her and lays her body on top of Evie’s body. Their breasts mashed together as Nicole grinds her vagina against Evie driving her crazy. She slides down her body stopping to kiss every little part until she gets down to Evie’s vagina.

She sees that it is already a little juicy and that her clitoris is swollen and peeking out from between her vaginal lips. Nicole leans forward and with the tip of her tongue, she tickles Evie’s clitoris which has Evie grasping at the rose petals on the bed.

She slides her tongue between those bushy lips while slipping a couple of fingers deep inside Evie. While Nicole is pleasuring Evie orally, she is reaching for the drawer next to the bed and grabbing a strap-on which both loves using.

She stops for a second to put it on and then has Evie scoot further up on the bed so Nicole can fit to. Nicole grabs her legs and points them straight up in the air as she pushes that rubber penis deep inside her making Evie moan loudly and become very vocal. Nicole looks down and watches as her penis slides in and out and how it pulls her pink lips out with it.

Nicole stops for a minute and pulls it out and heads up the bed toward Evie’s head. She straddles Evie and stuffs the penis inside her mouth to suck on. Evie gets to taste her own juices on that rubber penis. At one point, Nicole pumps her mouth a few times because she loves seeing her wife be a slut for her penis.

Nicole raises the penis above Evie’s head so that Evie can taste Nicole’s juices and licks on her vagina for a minute. Both females are enjoying themselves immensely. Nicole moves back down to Evie’s vagina and shoves that rubber penis right back inside pumping her vagina good.

She then has Evie turn over on her hands and knees and grabs her waist pulling Evie back onto that big penis. She grabs her hair pulling her head back as she pounds Evie deep and hard until Evie orgasms all over her penis. She squirts so much that Nicole’s bush is soaked.

Once she pulls it out, Evie quickly turns around and begins sucking and licking all that juice off Nicole’s rubber penis. After that, they both lay together and cuddle, telling each other how much they love each other before drifting off to sleep together.

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Brandi Payne
Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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