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Blindfolded and Restrained

An Erotic Story

My wrists and ankles were bound to the bed. Lying on my back, I wriggled to test my restraints. The rope bit into my skin harder. My heart galloped in my chest and my breathing was ragged.

Incense filled the air, drifting to my nostrils in musky tendrils. Each wave whispered against my skin.

Darkness embraced me. The silky blindfold limited my vision to narrow slits of candlelight that crept through the small gaps by my nose.

Somewhere in the distance, women moaned, squealed, and giggled with pleasure and delight. The sound of their orgasms made my head spin, my own arousal made my blood sing and my body tingle with anticipation.

The room was warm and waves of heat kissed my skin, stroking my naked body.

I waited for what felt like an age. Straining to hear any noises. Waiting to feel any touch.

There was only the smallest whisper to alert me to his presence. Something soft, almost silky, ran its way over my ankles and up my calves. It was finally my turn.

A gasp escaped my lips as the soft, silky object grazed the top of one of my thighs, hesitating for a second between my open legs. He then continued his journey up my body, grazing my already-hard nipples.

I moaned.

His hands were soft on my skin. They moved in warm and deliberate circles. A sensual massage, starting at my shoulders and eventually working its way down and between my legs.

His fingers ran in circles over my clit as I whimpered and my body arched to meet him, begging for more. I was wet and ready for him.

I pulled at my restraints. The rope was sharp against my skin. My captor tutted at me, withdrawing. This earned a frustrated whine from me.

Lying still, I waited.

My skin prickled.

The buzzing was loud and rhythmic. It found the place that his fingers had teased before. He applied firm pressure. I moaned loudly.

My breath became ragged as he pushed something inside me. The cold rubber was round and thick. It didn’t go in easily. I gasped. I pushed it in and pulled it out over and over again.

My body stiffened as I gasped, moaned, and screamed.

“Please…” I begged. I wanted to cum. I wanted release.

Somewhere next to me another woman screamed, reaching climax. I let go and we orgasmed together, both dizzy and spent.

He wasn't done yet though.

Releasing my ankles from their restraints, he lifted my legs, climbing onto the bed between them, he rested one foot on each of his shoulders. Pulling me closer. He rubbed his cock up and down, over my clit and the wetness he had created. I whimpered and gasped as he pushed himself inside me. My muscles stretched as he pushed forward.

He thrust harder and faster and I screamed. My body tightening around him as his cock throbbed inside me. My hand grasped at my restraints as my body took his pounding. He grunted as he began getting faster.

He was about to cum and so was I.

My toes curled on his shoulders as we reached mutual climax. Our breaths and the pounding in our chests mingled. At that moment, we were one. His cock throbbed inside me and I gasped as he withdrew.

"Thank you," he murmured as he released my hands. He withdrew, shutting the curtain around me and then I removed my blindfold. I would never know who that man was. That was the beauty of it. The strict rules and the safety. The way the experience primarily focussed on female pleasure and the anonymity.

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Blindfolded and Restrained
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