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Blackmailed Stepmom

Seth shuts his Stepmom up... with his cock!

Dana is smiling... for now.

Porn companies seem to push the boundaries of taste at times, increasing the playing field of sexual experience. I honestly don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. It normally depends on the individuals involved and the viewer who is watching it. I remember watching a Brazzers series called Pornstar Punishment where a woman or a girl would piss someone off, only to get brutally fucked as punishment. I talked about James Dean's misdemeanours in one of my previous articles and how many performers came forward to confirm this. I suppose it all comes down to consent and what people are comfortable doing on film. I recently came across a site called Blackmailed that seems to have some taboo scenarios with aggressive sex and I decided to have a watch. (I actually picked the scene up for free though on Whorestepmom.)

Not Showing Your Cards

Seth knows a secret of Dana's.

I've previously watched Dana Dearmand in a couple of Brazzers scenes. She's a really good actress and excellent performer. It's hard to believe she suffers with social anxiety, but then again, so many do. She was once quoted saying, "She's built her life so she doesn't have to be social if she doesn't want to."

She actually had a bit of a rough start in the business, struggling to get work because of her body shape. A good friend and a fellow performer, Asa Akira, actually started a Kickstarter campaign to get her a breast augmentation. She seems to be a name in the business now and doing relatively well. In this scene she plays Seth Gamble's stepmom who seems to enjoy provoking him. Seth Gamble is a regular in porn scenes and women seem to like his youthful good looks.

Taking a Gamble!

Seth mocks Dana!

Seth plays an arrogant stepson who when the scene begins starts kicking off about his pizza rolls missing from the fridge. Dana enters enquiring whats wrong with him to which he replies, "Where the fuck is my Dad?"

Dana provokes him in a baby's voice saying, "Oh your Daddy, where's your Daddy? Your Dad's at work—where you should be, not bothering me all day."

She's really good as an actress and is convincing in her role here. It's good to see her confident in front of the camera, too.

You can have an apple...

Dana shows off her delicious rump!

Dana continues to provoke him, stating usually guys like him go out to get laid and not stay in playing video games all day. That sends Seth to breaking point who shouts fuck off before storming off. Dana gets the last word in saying there's an apple in the fridge before he leaves. It's good stuff from the pair and gives motivation for the sex. The scene cuts to outside Dana's bedroom where Seth is listening. It appears she's cheating on Seth's dad with someone from his country club and she's not being very discreet about it. As she rides him she shouts, "Fuck me like you fuck one of your little girlfriends."

You've been a bad stepmom...

Dana (Promotional Shot for Blackmailed)

The scene cuts to later in the day where Dana is relaxing on the sofa. A smug looking Seth comes and interrupts her throwing her phone out of the way saying, "Hey Mom!" Dana is suitably creeped out by this as Seth explains why he is being so smug. Dana denies banging one of her husband's friends from the country club and insists he merely came around to drop off the golf clubs. Seth continues to provoke Dana, impersonating her cries of pleasure from the bedroom. Seth then begins to mock Dana, stating that his Dad will replace her in a week. He belittles her saying, "Do you think my Dad likes you for your wonderful mind?"

It's good acting. It's convincing and builds up to the inevitable grudge fuck. Dana asks what Seth wants and he emphasises that he hasn't been with a women in a while. He belittles Dana further saying he will forget her transgression if she, "Sucks his cock!"

Grudge Sex!

Dana looks particularly glamorous here.

Dana timidly sinks to her knees, humbled by Seth having dirt on her. Dana still isn't convinced he is serious, but that soon changes as her rams his erect cock in her mouth. It's a brutal blowjob as Seth literally fucks her mouth as Dana slobbers on his genitals. Seth makes sure she licks his balls before they move on to something else. Seth is really angry, and as he has Dana in the cowgirl position he smacks both her arse cheeks which end up bright red. It's brutal stuff, but it seems to excite Dana who looks like she's "getting off" on it. I think this is the difference between consent and taking liberties. There must have been some type of warning to the female performer before the scene and the company must need to check if the performer is into that sort of stuff. If they are then it can only be good for the scene as the female performer enjoys it on camera. This scene actually includes anal which I'm not really a fan of but it's there for those who enjoy it. Dana pasty body looks delicious and she has a semi trimmed vagina which looks nice too. It's a well acted scene with good sex (if brutal at times). I think fans of this sort of thing will enjoy it. I give it a 4 out of 5; angry grudge sex at its best.

4 out of 5

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