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Best Sex Positions for Fuller Figures

For us fuller figured vixens finding the right angle takes experience and practice. Learn about the best sex positions for fuller figures.

As a curvy woman like myself, I know what it's like to be in the middle of a romp, twisted in a position that I know has to be unflattering. Now, bless my lucky stars that my husband thinks I am perfect the way I am (physically, definitely not mentally) and no matter which way he contorts my size 12 body, he swears it's the sexiest thing on the planet. His words not mine, people.  

However, in my mind during one of these "face down flip it and reverse it" moves, all I envision is more belly rolls than a bakery, a pair of breasts flapping like a dog's jowls out of a moving car window, and more ass than one man should ever see up close. Yeah, I know, I'm being dramatic, and I am not as large as I sometimes feel, but it is not easy for a woman with DD's, thick thighs, and muscle-less abs to always feel confident in the bedroom.

Skinny chicks get to be picked up, thrown around, and spun like a little dreidel, where as I have to use pillows as props and physically maneuver body parts. Although, I have heard time and time again, that getting busy with a fuller figured woman can be much more pleasurable for a man.  I'm sure you have heard the whole "having something to hold onto" phrase. Which I get because I imagine it would be nice to have a handful of ass to grab onto in the middle of a steamy session and I suppose if I were to swing the other way, I too would want things to play with, smack, and grab. See, didn't I just make you feel so much better?  But wait, there's more. Like a wise man once said, "why settle for a swing when you can ride the whole playground." Pure genius that man, pure genius! 

Fear not my thicker chicks because I have found what positions work best for not only sensation but body complimenting as well. Here are the best sex positions for fuller figures. You're welcome.

Propped Up Missionary

Of course, missionary is thought to be the most comfortable position for bigger girls and sometimes it is, but why not spice up that missionary with some props. Sure you could invest in one of those fancy sex pillows that looks like a cheese mat, also known as the liberator but I find standard pillows work just great. By placing a pillow or two under your butt you change the entire way your bodies connect. 

Not only does he get more "access" but this also gives him more power in his movements and well, what man doesn't like more power now and again? This trick is also the quickest way to reach your g-spot. As far as how your body is perceived, the propped up angle stretches out your midsection resulting in a flattered tummy and the pillow just adds more softness to your already soft backside. A total win-win for all and one of the best sex positions for fuller figures.

Doggy Style

Even though this position has the worst possible name, no woman can deny its effectiveness. Doggy style is easily one of the best sex positions for fuller figures. It's a sure way for both men and women to feel everything they should be feeling and more without the worry of other parts getting in the way. With the natural curve of your back, which always slims the waistline, and your butt pointed up, most men absolutely love this sight. Of course, there is always the larger breast problem in this position, with that kind of movement driving at you from behind you risk knocking yourself in the face with your own breast. Ha, wouldn't that be a good story to tell? OK, not really. Anyway, try resting on your elbows rather than your hands and you will be able to keep those puppies confined.  

Side Entry

If I were to say this was a personal favorite would that be TMI? Yeah, probably, but I guess asking that question just gave it away anyway. Whatever. Side entry is fantastic for so many reasons and is one of the best sex positions for fuller figures. It's a switch up from your standard missionary and doggy, it allows you to still lay comfortably, and most importantly its angle of entry is a whole new sensation for both men and women. Need directions? Simply lay on your side, take your top leg and cross it over your body, now that may be comfortable for smaller girls, but for plus sizes stuffing a pillow or two under that bent leg will even out the hips. Not only do the pillows give us support but they are also a great way to hide any stomach insecurities while still having access to other pleasurable areas in the front. If you are flexible enough you may even be able to get your leg on his shoulder, but don't try this unless you are 100 percent sure you won't get hurt. Practice makes perfect!

Stand with Support

Just like the famous hip hop song of 2004, "Lean Back" try taking Fat Joe's advice and actually lean back. With support of course. Since not all women are able to be picked up by their man and wrap both legs around, there is no reason you shouldn't get to enjoy the intimacy of that position. By leaning against something like a wall or counter you give yourself the support you need from behind. The key here is using a chair or other knee high object to place one leg on. This way you don't have to worry about him keeping your leg hoisted up. Nothing kills a lady boner quicker than worrying about the size or weight of your leg.

Counter Up

This takes the stand and lean position to the next level. Rather than using a wall and a chair, try using a heightened surface like a kitchen or bathroom counter. Make sure you feel secure enough so that you are comfortable to stay seated and use the man standing in between your legs as forward support. He will love to experience your arms wrapped around him as your face to face, because even though half of them won't admit it, men love to feel strong. If the surface becomes too uncomfortable all you have to do is hop down and turn around. Bending over, elbows on counter, and spread. Sorry if that was too vulgar, but come on we are talking about sex here. When done correctly this could be one the best sex positions for fuller figures. Even though many full sized women wouldn't think this is a good option, how will you know if you never try? Practice makes perfect. 

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Jus L'amore
Jus L'amore

Sometimes offensive yet mostly sweet.  Always honest and often vulgar.  I'm a wife, MILF, and everyone's homey.  From trends and sex to mom life and fitness, I tell it how it is and not how it should be.

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