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Best Oral Sex Positions

Love to lick? Love to get licked? This list of the best oral sex positions for couples of all kinds will make sure you never get bored while giving or receiving.

Did you know that oral sex is one of the few sexual actions that's considered to be more intimate than sexual intercourse by a large portion of the population? Surprising, isn't it? Well, it is until you realize that it involves you burying your face in your partners' most intimate regions. 

Intimacy level aside, oral sex also happens to be one of those things where your imagination really is the limit to both actions and positions. This list will show you the best oral sex positions for couples of all kinds — and why they rule. 


69 is a classic oral sex position, and everyone knows how to do it. So, I won't go into details here. However, it's a classic oral sex position because it's one of the best oral sex positions when it comes to mutual pleasure. 

There's lots of easy access for couples of all genders, especially with women. Most notably, it's a great position if you want to give a female partner a G-spot massage with a toy while you eat her out. 

The Classic

One of the best sex positions for one-sided pleasure would have to be the Classic. In this, the receiver just lays on their back and opens their legs. Then, the giver goes to town, doing whatever they feel like they want to do with their hands and mouth. 

If your partner is feeling neck strain, you can prop your booty up with a pillow for easier access. This way, you can have more cunnilingus (or BJ time) with less fatigue and sore joints. 

On Your Knees

This is another classic oral sex position, but this one's mostly associated with a male receiver. The man stands up, the woman gets down on her knees, and she goes to town. 

It's as old school as it gets, and like Queening, has a certain "dominant" vibe to it in roleplay — so if you're into BDSM, this might be a good choice. That being said, On Your Knees is not a good oral sex position for deep throat. 


One of the best cunnilingus positions you can try is Queening, also known as Face Sitting. As the name suggests, this means you sit on your partner's face, positioning your vagina (or booty) right where their mouth can access it.

This is one of the best oral sex positions for people who really want to get in there and take in their partner's scent. A lot of guys fantasize about this position, so don't be shy about it. 

If you're a gay male or into anal, you might want to try Facesitting for an analingus session. This position has a very "dominant" air, so it also can work well as part of a BDSM scene. 


Also known as "face fucking," this is where the man grabs the giver's head and starts thrusting, in a fucking motion while the giver is either sitting or laying down. This is a very rough oral sex position, and one of the most potentially dangerous.

Communicating with your partner is crucial if you're going to try this. We suggest trying this first by having the receiver sit on the edge of the bed or lay down first and having the partner who's doing the thrusting go slowly.

This gives a little more space and allows for a little more comfort. Since there's a clear roughness, this is one of the best oral sex positions for people who want to do rough dominance role play


Doggy-style oral sex happens when one partner gets on their hands and knees, and the other one licks them from behind. Obviously, this is one of the best oral sex positions when it comes to cunnilingus or analingus. People who have a primal streak will love this position — as will people who really, really love booty. 

Boss's Chair

Sometimes, you just want to have an epic role play session involving a boss and a naughty secretary. The Boss's Chair is one of the best oral sex positions for these moments. With this position, the receiver sits on the edge of a chair, spread eagled. The giver is on their knees, giving them oral sex. 

This is one of the best oral sex positions for all genders, and definitely has a lot of potential for BDSM play and role play. What's not to love?

Side 69

Also known as "Thigh Pillow," Side 69 has both partners lying on their sides. Both partners lift up their top legs, and turn their inner thighs into a pillow that can help them rest their heads while they go down on one another. 

This is one of those intimate and relaxing oral sex positions everyone should try. While you might not be able to make eye contact, there's something super soothing about this position and it also involves mutual pleasure. If you ask me, it's one of the best oral sex positions for an afternoon delight. 

Deep V

Love it when you get your booty eaten? Love having great cunnilingus? Men and women who love either of those things need to try this. With this position, the receiver lies on the edge of the bed, with their legs spread eagle. The receiver then grabs the back of their knees to help prop up their hips. 

The giver kneels and gets a perfect position to be able to eat booty and lick pussy. This is one of the best oral sex positions for people who have a hard time reaching orgasm, and one of the most exhibitionistic, for obvious reasons. 

The Role Reversal

In the Role Reversal, the woman's standing, spread-legged, while the man (or submissive partner) is on their knees pleasuring them orally. Much On Your Knees, the Role Reversal is great for dominance play, and also allows you to reach awesome places with your mouth.

This is one of the best oral sex positions for fans of femdom as well as people who want to try Queening, but aren't quite ready to do it yet. Eating her out is awesome in this position, especially if you're new to cunnilingus. 

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Best Oral Sex Positions
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