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Best Laid Plans (Ch. 2)

Chapter Two

Photo by Devin Edwards on Unsplash

University life was not how Richie imagined it would be. In some ways it was better. In other ways, it was worse. It’s true that university living was not as scholarly as he thought it would be. It seemed like something to get through. Where Richie expected more like minded people studious types, he found most of the students were like Jimmy. Big on personality and not as serious as himself.

Richie and Jimmy attended the same big university Syracuse was known for. Linda went to a university in Rochester and Barbara attended a small Catholic college on the outskirts of Syracuse. With school work in full swing, the only ones that saw each other regularly were Richie and Jimmy since they were roommates in a dormitory on campus. Linda would come by occasionally and stay the weekend, which Richie hated. On those weekends, he ended up sleeping in the shared living room or in a common area. The sounds of their animated sex depressed Richie. It was better when Jimmy visited Linda for the weekend in Rochester.

As it got colder and the snow began to fall, there was less time to keep in touch with each other. After the prom, Richie felt awkward around Barbara. Richie felt a bit of shame for cumming in his pants. It excited him to think about it but he wished he had been more manly. And seeing a wanton side of Barbara only confused him. He had succumbed to desires unworthy of himself, he thought.

One day, after dinner, Richie wandered back to the dorm and the New York Yankees magnetic emblem was turned on its side. This was Jimmy’s sign that he was entertaining a woman. At first, Richie did not believe Jimmy was with someone since it was in the middle of the week and Linda never arrived before Friday afternoon. Richie entered quietly and he could hear sex sounds emanating from the bedroom. But he did not recognize Linda’s throaty moans. Richie decided to turn on the television and channel surf. He nodded off to sleep and woke when a coed he recognized from class left the bedroom and left the student apartment.

“Was that…” Richie started to ask.

“Yeah. Man, she is something else. You better not say anything to Linda,” Jimmy instructed.

“Why would I say something to Linda?” Richie asked.

“Because you’re a fucking boy scout. Well, maybe not the ‘fucking’ part. Richie, don’t you realize this is the best opportunity we’ll ever have to get laid as often as possible? You’re missing out on the best times of our life. You should at least try to hook up with Barbara. Hell, she’s not far away at all.”

“I know. I will. We got Christmas break coming up soon. I’ll see Barbara then.”

And he was right. Christmas is for family but New Year’s Eve was for Jimmy, Linda, Richie and Barbara. While Linda’s parents spent the night in Skaneateles, in the finished basement of Linda’s home, the four of them got together to listen to music, watch television to see the ball drop in Times Square, drink and have fun. Jimmy and Linda sat on one couch and immediately started to make out. Richie went to the table where ice and drinks were available. He was soon joined by Barbara.

“How you been Richie?”

“Okay. I’m thinking of majoring in Economics or Psychology. How about you?”

“I meant how are you? You coping with college life?

“Yeah. I sometimes wish I had gone to an ivy league school. Where we’re at, it’s kind of a jock school.”

“Well, my school has some wannabe jocks but it’s pretty laid back.”

“You like it?”

Barbara nodded after a brief moment of thought, “Yeah. I like it.”

Richie and Linda were concentrating on each other, oblivious to everything and everyone. Richie and Barbara turned and saw Jimmy pawing at Linda. Linda leaned back and let Jimmy have his way with her body. Linda’s head rested on the back of the couch as Jimmy felt Linda’s smooth legs.

Barbara noticed how transfixed Richie was. “Wanna take a walk? It’s cold out but not that bad,” Richie nodded.

Outside in their winter coats, walking on the shoveled sidewalks, Richie liked the crisp air. It woke him up. Wisps of warm air could be seen as they exhaled. Barbara took Richie’s arm as they walked. A little gesture like that and Richie liked it be he wasn’t sure how to act.

“Do they see each other a lot?” Barbara asked.

“Jimmy and Linda? Not a whole lot. She comes in from Rochester or he goes out there every other weekend or so.”

“Sounds like a lot to me, Richie. You know, my school isn’t all that far from yours. I could meet you downtown.”

“I love that library downtown. It’s surprising how good it is,” he said. Barbara smirked at him. To Barbara, Richie was handsome, but naïve. She thought he could have had a lot of girls but she liked his shyness.

“Let’s go back,” she said. “I’m starting to get cold."

Inside the house, they could faint sounds of Jimmy and Linda downstairs.

“Sit next to me,” Barbara said as she sat on a couch in the living room. Barbara’s silhouette, framed by Christmas lights, seemed magical to Richie. They simultaneously turned toward each other and their lips met. This was not a frantic experience but a gentle exploration. Even Richie seemed to have been whisked away to another time and place. Barbara broke off the kiss and stood up in front of Richie. She looked down at him as she slowly undressed, tossing her clothing aside. She unhooked her bar and let it fall to the floor. She cupped her breasts and ran her finger tips over her nipples. Then she dipped her hand into her panties and slowly rubbed her pussy. She hooked her thumbs into the elastic of her panties and lowered them, eventually allowing them to fall in a puddle around her feet. She stepped out of her panties and walked naked toward Richie. Richie stared at her in a trance and absently rubbed his cock through his pants.

“Don’t do that, Richie,” Barbara said. She knelt in front of him, putting a hand on each knee, she spread Richie’s legs apart.

“Let me do that,” she said. Barbara unzipped his pants. Richie obliged her by lifting himself and allowing Barbara to fish his cock out of his boxers and pants. Richie’s cock was a thick column of flesh and Barbara stroked it up and down.

“Such a nice cock,” she said looking at him and then took him in her mouth. She stroked him with her mouth, up and down. Richie had never felt anything so good in his life. Her warm mouth and lips massaged his cock smoothly. Then he felt her tongue swirl around the head and gently suck on his cock. When her eyes were closed and her mouth was still doing its magic, Richie reached down and cupped one of Barbara’s breasts. She moaned around his cock and Richie like that sensation. Richie pulled Barbara up and sat her on the couch. She watched as Richie took his clothes off. It was a little too quick for Barbara but she liked the show nonetheless. When Richie was naked, it was his turn to walk towards Barbara. She stared at his stiff cock as it bobbed in the air. Richie knelt in front of Barbara and Barbara cooed as he spread her legs apart. He reached out and brought his hands to her smooth thighs. Marveling at the cool skin, he looked up at Barbara and caressed her hot, moist pussy. Barbara eyes closed and she moaned as his touch became more direct. Richie leaned closer and kissed her thighs. That skin close to her pussy was smooth and so inviting to Richie. He could smell her fragrance and he pressed his mouth against her fleshy opening. His tongue explored the folds of her vagina. He licked at her moisture and took it in. Barbara leaned back and moaned. Moving his tongue upward, he found a small round bump of flesh and he knew exactly what it was. He began to swirl his tongue around her clit, tasting her juices. “Oh God Richie!” Barbara sighed. He kept doing that as her hips began to gyrate in pleasure. He felt her fingers in his hair and he liked that. Sometimes he stopped and rested his head against her thigh and stared at her wetness. He inserted his middle finger and he watched in amazement as her pussy gripped his finger, her fluids coating his fingers. Then he’d lick her some more.

Richie stood up and Barbara leaned back on the sofa. She rested one foot on the back of the sofa and the other foot was on the floor, her legs wide apart, offering herself up to Richie. Richie got between her legs and Barbara guided his thick cock into her pussy. They groaned as he pushed in and filled her. Her pussy wrapped around his cock and she gripped him. This was the sensation they longed for. Their movements found the rhythm of their bodies and they became lost in their quest to give and receive pleasure.

Barbara stared up at Richie. “You don’t have to pull out Richie. I’m on the pill. I want you to cum inside me. Give me your cum, Richie. Come on. Give it to me. Give it to me,” Barbara wailed. Richie couldn’t hold back. He felt Barbara stiffen and then begin to shiver as her orgasm washed over her. Richie could feel Barbara’s pussy spasm and grip his cock as she came. Then his own orgasm erupted inside Barbara. It felt like his cock was going to explode as he squirted his hot cum inside her. There wasn’t much room on the couch. Nevertheless, they managed somehow to lay in each other’s arms.

Photo by Gabriel Matula on Unsplash

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Johnny Garcia
Johnny Garcia

Johnny Garcia is a writer based in Clearwater, Florida.  He writes short stories, screenplays, essays, and he is currently working on a novel.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  

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