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Best Friends

My Fantasy

I was to meet my girl and her best friend Kerry for dinner. Kerry was going through a rough time. She had just broken up with her boyfriend. Soh thought it would be a great idea to have dinner with Kerry to cheer her up. I must admit Kerry was a very beautiful girl, long hair brunette, she had the forest in her eyes dark green, tall and slender, tone legs, firm breasts that stood at attention without the need for support, a small waist that complimented the short red dress she had on with the high split that showed her toned thighs, 6 inch black stiletto heels that made her legs even more appealing, she walked tall but she was only 5’2″. I met up with Kerry first at a restaurant called La Cuban. We sat at the table having a little conversation to make the time go by as we waited. 

When Soh arrived looking like she had just done a photo shoot, long blonde mixed with brown and a bit of orange in her hair, wearing this silky black dress, blue heels that matched her nails, small waist bright smile as she walked in to greet us. We all hugged then we took a seat, we ordered our meal and finished it with two bottles of wine. I was the designated driver for the night so both ladies got a little drunk. Kerry had planned to sleep over our place. After the meal we were all laughing and flirting. Kerry and Soh were being very friendly, hugging and talking saying how much they love each other, as I sat back and watch them being best of friends, as thoughts slowly began playing in my head. After paying for the meal we all went into the car to head home. Kerry began to fall asleep, but woke up when we got home, she was wide awake. Kerry had been to our place before so she knew where the guest room was. As she headed there Soh was now drunk but she was sobering up, I took her to bed then I went to check up on Kerry to see if she needed anything before I departed for the night. I knocked the door, she said come in standing in just a large white t-shirt no bra showing how stiff and firm her breasts really were, as she walked around getting ready for bed, she turned around and I saw her firm ass, it stood at attention and would only move when she walked in strides you know left cheek right cheek, as I watched her walk away immediately I became hypnotized by the swaying of her hips and thighs, she bent over to pick up her phone that had fallen to the floor and just like a movie, her body moved in slow motion as her shirt went higher the further she bent over, inch by inch I watched the shirt gliding from her thighs to her clean skin butt cheek, that’s when I discovered she was wearing no panties and that her clit was pierced.

“Interesting,” I thought to myself and I wondered how much more sensitive to touch her clit would be to my ouch, her pussy from the looks of it was cleaned shaved, pussy lips was the perfect definition of a camel toe and how pink and beautiful her split was. I asked her if she needed anything and her response was that she was all set so I said my good night and went to bed. 

Soh was in our room getting undressed getting ready for bed when she saw me and asked me to come over and unzip her dress for her. Walking over with my shaft already erected in my pants, I placed my hands on her waist to hold her and the other hand tugging on the zipper on the back of her dress, putting her hair to the side. I removed the dress from her shoulder, leaving drops of kissing in its place, sliding the dress off her shoulder sliding down her arms as it fell to the floor. I held her by the waist and turning her around, as my right hand more up, so my thumb brushed her cheek and my four fingers played in her hair. Looking into her dark brown and her lips partly open leaning in for the kiss we closed eyes and locked lips. All I felt was her hands rubbing my back; putting her ass just on the edge of the dresser table the left leg began to slide up and down against my thighs. Slowly my hand moved from her hip to her ass I gave her a spank, the echo filled the room, she pushed me back and said be quiet Kerry is here. So I apologized and we resumed. My hand sliding from her ass to the back of her thigh as she elevated her legs sliding my hand beneath her legs holding it to my side as she felt my shaft piercing her upper stomach. She looked down and smiled to see how excited I was. With her ass on the edge I lift her up and I placed her on top of the dresser as my hand moved from her cheek to her throat as she leaned back and pressed her head against the wall sliding my hands down to her naked breast I held her firmly in my hands as I massaged and squeezed and twisting her nipples, her other legs wrapped around my hip locking me in as she moved her hips against my shaft, whining her body against my hard stiff cock sliding my hand down the center of her stomach separating my cock and her wet throbbing pussy, I slowly began massaging her clit on the outside of her panties, sliding my hand between her split before sending my finger inside her going as deep as her soaking wet panties would allow. Arching her back letting out a high pitched moan I could hardly hear. She looked at me with lust in her eyes leaning back biting her lips with her hair falling in her face. I moved her panties to the side as I slid my middle finger into her tight yet inviting pussy. I felt the walls of her pussy thumping as I slid my finger inside. Placing my hands to the side of her throat, as she gasped for air and I watched her eyes rolling back. Sliding my finger out to massage her clit so it was wet and moist, I slowly slid my finger back in and used my thumb to massage her clit, leaning over to suck her breast, flicking her nipple with my tongue, sucking them hard to make her scream and moan. Sliding my finger in and out going faster and faster, rubbing her clit side to side, her body began to trembling giving the dresser the aftershocks hitting the wall on repeat, her hand now against the wall, she began to scream, “Oh fuck, oh fuck!” Not having any recollection that Kerry was just next door massaging her clit to the screams of Soh moaning and the mere image of me deep inside her made the both of them having an orgasm at the same time.

Soh now breathing heavy, I picked her up and laid her on the bed with her legs pointing to the heavens, I unbuckled my pants and pulled down my zipper. Reaching in to my boxers I pulled out my now fully erected cock beating it against her clit guiding my cock between her now juice filled pussy sliding my dick from her entrance to her clit, rubbing my dick side to side on her now swollen clit as I watched her legs trembling to her now sensitive ecstasy filled pussy. With her head laying flat on the bed, brown eyes closed whispering under her breath, slowly shaking her head side to side she said “fuck.” With one hand holding both her ankles I lift her in the air and my shaft in my other hand I guided my head in, as she flinched bit her lips then took a deep breath to relax her pussy wall as she invited me in. Inch by inch I made my way before giving her deep and long stroke, working my hip to the rhythm of her ocean, watching her touch herself, massaging her nipples, as I used my thumb to rub her clit. The more I stroked the deeper I went until she began to take hold of her stomach, showing me the depth of my penetration. The pussy thumping as the muscles began pushing me out as she got to a climax, she shook her head to tell me to keep stroking at that same pace as she began moaning even louder this time and just released her sweet juices as her pussy pushed me out. I held my shaft as I slid my cock inside. Moving like a jack rabbit she began moaning again until she orgasmed once more, whaling even louder with pure pleasure and ecstasy she collapsed in bed. With shaking knees she told me to lay down on my back with my cock at attention she got up and bent over so I could watch her breast and look deep into her eyes as she grabbed my shaft, stroked me, and licked up her juices off my cock, sucking the head like a lollipop, licking from my balls to the tip opening her mouth to make the saliva drip onto the head and lick it up, sending my dick between her cheek and her teeth giving me a sensation of soft and rugged. I laid back and closed my eyes moaning with my hands behind my head as she did her thing sending my dick deep down her throat. Her not having a gag reflex was the best, she sucked and swallowed me whole feeling my dick going passed her throat as my toes curled, my eyes rolling back as swallowed. 

Out for air, Soh raised her head, and then I felt Soh flinch. I looked between my legs and between Soh head I saw a head full of hair eating Soh's pussy with the hands now wrapped around Soh’s waist tilting her head back, I watched for what felt like an eternity as Kerry’s’ tongue played between Soh's pussy like a credit card swiping up and down. I saw Soh's tongue mocking the motion of Kerry tongue between her legs stroking my shaft. I guided Soh’s head to my erected shaft so she could show me better what was happening to her. Soh stroked my did moving her head up and down sucking the life out of me, moaning on my cock making my toes curl and my eyes rolling back, as Soh's eyes rolled back and her back arched, as Kerry ate her out switching position to eat her pussy from the back spreading her ass to stick her tongue in her ass, licking her pussy. Kerry slowly reached over to massage my balls as Soh swallowed me whole. I felt myself climaxing to the pleasure of them both before I held Soh's head in place as I stroked my dick deep down her warm wet throat, at the same time I saw Soh's body trembling holding firm to my thighs with her nails in my flesh as I exploded sweet release down her throat and her into Kerry’s mouth. When we were both finished, Soh crawled on the bed and Kerry wiping the juice from around her mouth and sucking it off her fingers. Soh was out of breath to finish cleaning me up so Kerry crawled over to me she took my cock and began to stroke and suck my cock until she sucked out every drop and licked up what was left on my stomach mixed with Soh's saliva seeing that the my juices flowed from out her mouth. Soh then told Kerry to sit on her face so she could return what she had just received. Kerry obeyed and crawled over as I lay in bed next to them, lying on my side hand to my cheek; I watched and stroked my still erected cock. Watching as Kerry saddled Soh's face like a horse as watching as Soh hugged Kerry from behind. Soh then began burying her face deep between Kerry’s thighs licking and sucking, tongue fucking Kerry. I took over Soh's head looking into Kerry eyes, she looked back at me and smiled, taking my cock in her hand and kissed the head, looking into my eyes and I hers, I watched her tongue dance on the tip of my cock, before she put half of me down her throat filling her jaw, watching her spit on my cock then stroking it, raising my cock so she suck my balls, putting one nut in her mouth at a time, as she stroked my cock, I felt my toes curling and my eyes rolling back. Kerry began sucking my cock once more with my fingers in her hair as I massaged her scalp and she choked on my cock. 

Looking down I watched her massaging her clit before her body began trembling, removing her mouth from my cock but not letting go of her firm grip on my she came in my baby’s mouth as she licked her up spreading her pussy, drinking her juices flicking her tongue on Kerry’s pearl, I picked Kerry up with her legs now wrapped around. Now one hand on her ass for support I positioned my dick and I slid in. Kerry felt like she was not fucked for a whole year, because with every inch it felt like I had to take my time to get in. After getting all the way in with Kerry legs, one on each arm I raised her up and down now my cock fucking her fast then slow, slamming my dick so deep inside her all she could do was to hug me and bite my shoulder, whining my waist deep inside her as Soh laid on her back watching rubbing her pussy as her juices flowed. Stepping off the bed with Kerry still on my cock, I laid Kerry on the bed lying on my side to eat Soh and play with her pussy. French kissing her pussy as I kept giving Kerry deep strokes as they both moaned sweet joy, sounding like music to my ears. Soh and Kerry began trembling at the same time you would think they were twins and the more Kerry’s pussy contracted on my dick was the more I felt my coming to my climax, holding on to Kerry’s waist giving her steady deep strokes and vibrating on Soh’s clit we all came together, licking Soh up as my juices flowing out of Kerry’ pussy. Soh got up and removing my now thumping cock and sucked out the juice out of my cock like a straw then licked Kerry up then we all laid in bed with both beauties lying on one arm.

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Best Friends
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