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Best Anal Sex Toys for Couples to Try

Looking to go in your partner's out door? Check out this list of awesome anal sex toys for couples who want to give anal a try for the first time.

Anal sex is now considered to be the final frontier for vanilla sex, and as such, it's one of those sex acts that most people would be open to trying—as long as the first forays seem pretty fun. 

Part of being able to enjoy anal sex isn't only being open to the possibility; it's having great experiences involving backdoor exploration before you try it out. Unfortunately for many folks, it's often one poorly planned session that makes them swear off anal sex forever. 

That doesn't have to be what happens to you and your partner, though. 

There are plenty of anal sex toys for couples that make anal seem a lot less scary and offer amazing benefits in bed. If you're looking to explore your behind, the following toys might be your best bet. 

Aneros MGX Prostate Massager by Aneros

If you thought we were going to start off this list with anal toys that are just for ladies, you're wrong! The Aneros MGX Prostate Massager is designed just for guys, and is curved to hit your prostate. It can be used for solo play or used by your partner, making it one of the more versatile anal toys for men on the market. 

This award-winning toy has regularly been cited as one of the best anal sex toys for couples interested in pegging—or for folks in the LGBTQ community. At only 3.5 inches in length, it's a fairly small toy that packs a lot of prostate stimulation, without looking intimidating. What more could you want?

Hugo by Lelo

Lelo's been called one of the best sex toy companies currently on the market, and we can see why. They make some of the best anal sex toys for couples of all genders, and most (if not all) of their sex toys are latex-free, too. Simply put, they're powerful pleasure givers that are gentle on your body. 

Hugo by Lelo allows you to enjoy awesome anal stimulation with a remote control trigger that can be used as far as 12 meters away. Both the remote and the anal toy in this set vibrate, so this all-gender-friendly set remains versatile enough to have both partners feeling great. 

Ditto by We-Vibe

If you and your sweetie are in an LDR, then you might want to try out one of the best anal sex toys for couples who aren't always home with each other. Ditto, by We-Vibe, is a powerful anal plug vibrator that carries an intense remote-controlled motor for wild couples play. 

During times that you can't quite find a way to rendezvous in-person, the We-Vibe app allows your partner to control the Ditto's vibrations from miles away. Solo play and couples play is doable with this, so the possibilities are endless. 

By the way, the app control makes this one of the best toys for public sex. Just saying. 

Club Vibe 3.OH Hero by OhMiBod

If you're looking for one of the best anal sex toys for couples who like public sex, then you need to check out Club Vibe 3.OH. This is a butt plug that is remote controlled and can use sound to trigger sexy vibrations back there. 

Its unisex build works well with P-spot and G-spot stimulation, which means anyone can enjoy it. As the name suggests, the best way to get kinky in public with this highly stimulating toy is to hit up your local club. Just be careful—you might end up enjoying it a little too much! 

B-Balls by Fun Factory

Not quite fully ready for anal play yet? Worried that most anal toys are just too large for you to start with? Don't worry, this cute little thing here is one of the best anal sex toys for couples who get nervous with larger toys on the market. 

B-Balls is a tiny butt plug that uses Ben-Wa ball-style tech to create a sensation that constantly changes with how you move. The balls constantly shift around, teasing and pleasing every inch of your backdoor. No two people feel it the same way, which makes this one of the more awesome toys for both men and women.

Bob by Lelo

If you're just starting to get into prostate stimulation and anal play, it's crucial to use toys that aren't terrifying. Bob by Lelo is a simple prostate massager that hits the P-spot perfectly, has a handy loop for easy removal, and also can be used during regular penetrative sex for a mind-blowingly stimulating time. 

Brushed velvet silicone skin, a sleek design, and a very reasonable size makes this one of the best anal sex toys for couples who are ready to explore his backdoor—but want to do it in style. 

Anal Beads by Babeland

If you've considered experimenting with anal beads for your first foray, I'd suggest taking things slowly—literally. Pulling them out too quickly will cause a very gross mess, and also may cause your partner to leave the room crying from humiliation. (Read more about how to use anal beads before you use them, seriously.)

However, if you do things right, anal beads can prove to be one of the best anal sex toys for couples to enjoy together. Babeland's Anal Beads are perfect for beginners and experienced users alike, and help intensify orgasms impeccably well. 

Mini Butt Plug by Sensual Couples

Sometimes, you really just need something simple to start off with. That's why one of the best anal sex toys for couples who are just beginning to explore each other's back door is a Mini Butt Plug from Sensual Couples. It's really small, doesn't vibrate, but feels great when inside. 

What we like about it isn't just the fact that it's small enough to avoid being intimidating for even the newest of anal fans. It's also inexpensive enough to be a simple "try out" toy that you won't feel bad about spending too much money on if things don't work out. 

Sharevibe by Sharevibe

One of the best anal sex toys for couples that want to share the pleasure is Sharevibe! Technically, this works for all kinds of penetrative girl-girl sex, too. But since this is an anal sex article, we're going to focus on that aspect of it rather than the fact that it's one of the best sex toys for lesbian couples

When used for anal sex, the giver gets G-spot stimulation and the receiver gets anal fun. This gives lesbian couples tons of ways to play, so if you're a girl who loves girls who do anal, this is a great way to explore that side of your sexuality—all without a harness. 

Quiver Vibrating Plug by Rocks-Off

Last, but not least, is Quiver, a vibrating butt plug that's designed for both G-spot and P-spot pleasure. Silky, easy-to-clean silicone skin, a T-shaped base for easy removal, and a nice series of seven different speeds means you and your partner get to control how it's used and what the user experience is. 

That being said, it's a bit bigger than other toys on here. If you're really new to anal sex, but want to give something a bit heftier a try, this is one of the best anal sex toys for couples to try. 

Sasha Konikovo
Sasha Konikovo

Born in the Ukraine and currently a citizen of New York City, Sasha Konikovo has become obsessed with makeup, fashion, and anything that keeps her svelte figure looking sharp. She hopes to marry a billionaire and have a lifestyle like Paris Hilton soon enough.

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