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Best Anal Beads for Stronger Orgasms

Many people use anal beads for stronger orgasms. Here are the best in the market for it.

via bvibe

Today, we're going to talk about anal beads. Anal beads are one of those sex toys that gets a very extreme rep, despite it being one of the better sex toys for couples just getting into anal play. Using anal beads can be fun, and studies have shown that they can provide stronger orgasms, if used correctly. 

If you want to try using anal beads for stronger orgasms, kinkier play, or classic booty-centric fun, it's important to make sure you get good beads. After all, the wrong ones can break and cause a hospital trip if they get lost inside. 

The following anal beads are safe, fun, and provide amazing sensation down there. Check 'em out!

Anal Beads by Babeland

If you're looking for great anal beads for stronger orgasms and easy use, look no further than Babeland — everyone's favorite sex toy shop. Their own line of quality products have been dazzling critics, and while the line is most famous for creating great water-based lube, their anal toys are great too. 

The Babeland anal beads are ideal for people who are new to the anal bead sensation. Start small, and challenge yourself as much as you want with each increasingly large bead. It's easier and more comfortable than you'd think, and when you're ready to cum, just pull the beads out. 

B Balls by Fun Factory

B Balls aren't quite standard anal beads, but they aren't quite a butt plug, either. They're a mix of the two. So, we're including it in this article. B Balls are one of the better anal beads for stronger orgasms during sex, primarily because the weighted balls react to your movement. 

More stimulation, and a reactive design, means that every little action you do will send vibrations and sensations in the best of places. Is it really that hard to see why this will send you into crazy orgasms? 

Bubbles Plug by Petite Sensations

This is another bead-plug hybrid, and unlike the B Balls we discussed, the Bubbles Plug has a built-in vibrator that has up to seven sexy speeds. You'll be teased, pleased, and vibed into the best possible O you've ever had. 

That being said, this is one of the best anal beads for stronger orgasms for both you and your partner. Bubbles is also waterproof, easy to clean, and comes with a six-month warranty — just in case you tend to get a bit too rough with the beads. 

Vibrating Anal Power Beads by Pipedream

Can you feel the power? Well, if you're using these vibrating "power beads" by Pipedream, you definitely will. This string of beads is slim enough for beginners, and comes with a very powerful vibrator at the base. 

It's a bumpy, wild, and waterproof ride that you'll want to try again and again. That's why it's one of the best anal beads for stronger orgasms, and awesome vibrations.

S & M Anal Beads by Sportsheets

If you're looking for something that has a pretty aesthetic look, and a uniquely challenging sensation, you might like these (surprisingly) beautiful anal beads by Sportsheets. Due to the "cone" shape of these beads, you might find that this is one of the better choices for bead veterans. 

The sensations these beads offer are powerful, and really hit your nerve endings hard. So, if you're looking for new anal beads for stronger orgasms than what you're already getting using beads, grab these. 

It's worth noting that these are made of body-safe silicon, and are some of the best sex toys without latex materials you can get. Latex allergies? No problemo. 

Diamond Darling X-10 by Adam & Eve

Butt and Ass Beads
Enjoy safe anal sex with high quality butt or anal beads from the sex experts at BetterSex.

This cute purple strip of anal beads is another great sex toy for anal play beginners. Much like Babeland’s classic anal bead string, this is built to be easy to insert, fun to pull, and just powerful enough to please both men and women, in wonderful ways. Though it might not vibrate, its bumpy texture and slightly larger bead build make it a powerful playmate in its own right.

As far as using anal beads for more powerful orgasms goes, this is a great option for people who love traditional beads, and know what works for them. It’s also one of the better kits for people looking to start out, or just get into prostate stimulation. Grabbing this product is a good move, regardless of skill level. 

Deluxe Vibro Balls by Pipedream

If you’re not a fan of the thickness of anal bead strings, then you might want to check out Deluxe Vibro Balls by Pipedream. This set of four independently vibrating anal beads can be inserted both anally and vaginally. 

Each ball vibrates independently, and the string is super thin, but still durable. The end result is a really powerful sensation inside you, and an even more impressively strong orgasm as it leaves you. 

Booty Bliss Vibrating Beads by Adam & Eve

While some folks don't like the thickness and bumpiness of anal beads that are connected to one another, others can't get enough of that feeling. For those who love feeling bump after bump without pause, Adam & Eve made one of the best anal beads for stronger orgasms and experimentation. 

This vibrating booty bead wand is perfect for people who love taking bump after bump — without any stopping in between. The vibrator right in the pull ring area also delivers powerful vibes all the way down to the toy's tip. 

Butterfly Kiss Silicone Anal Beads by Love and Vibes

If you're looking for one of the more unique sets of anal beads out there, then consider using these anal beads for stronger orgasms in your next fling. This funky-cute bead set is curved, and works to hit all the right spots, without being intimidatingly long. 

The pull ring is easy to use, and it's not too big. The little butterfly teases your booty, too!

Intensified Anal Beads by Fifty Shades of Grey

Lastly, if you're looking for a less bumpy, more "slippery" anal bead experience, you might want to use these anal beads for stronger orgasms in the bedroom. Though the book itself might not be the best piece of literature out there, the sex toy line is impressively good. 

These beads are designed for beginners, are made of body-safe silicone, and reach up to an inch in diameter. They also come with a cute and tasteful carrying pouch, too!

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