An excerpt

Christopher and Isabella

An excerpt from Belonging: The Trilogy.  It is Isabella's eighteenth birthday. Her sole friend, Christopher, is the only one who has remembered, but he has sexy ulterior motives.

Christopher prepared himself for the night by meditating for thirty minutes. He centered himself and cleared his mind of any lingering anger from Amber or Isabella’s parents. Acknowledging his jealousy over Isabella, he reminded himself that this would be good for her. This would help free her from the constraints her past had put her in. He smiled with the irony of how they would be doing this.

Finished with his contemplation, Christopher got up and headed to the dungeon. When he came down the stairs a beautiful sight greeted him. The boys had finished wrapping the harness perfectly around Isabella’s naked body, her generous flesh overflowing through the ropes.

Rope bondage was something they were all learning. They had taken several classes at their local underground club. They had practiced on several subs there, but it was very clinical and educational. With Isabella however, Christopher’s cock got hard seeing her in only half the configuration they were going to use on her.

She sat on a mahogany platform. Her skin’s caramel color beautifully complemented the wood’s coloring and the intricate bindings of the jute rope. They were truly about to turn her into a work of art.

Isabella smiled when she saw him. She involuntarily licked her lips when she saw that he had no shirt on and was wearing loose, cotton pants that rode low on his hips. A narrow band of dark hairs creased the middle of the “V” that pointed to what she needed.

“How’s my little whore?” he asked tenderly, bending down to kiss her on the exposed parts of her shoulder and neck. Isabella could hardly breath as he caressed her with his lips.

Nathan and Michael had somehow soothed her into being bound with ropes. They had used the ropes to play with her body, distracting her from the fact that they had tied up her torso with a crisscross pattern that made the rope hug her every time she moved.

She whimpered at Christopher’s touch.

“She’s already drenched,” Michael informed his friend. “Has been since we began. I think she likes the feel of the rope against her skin.”

“Good then she’ll be wet the entire time she’s bound,” Christopher replied grinning salaciously at Isabella. He tied her hair up into a ponytail.

Nathan began to work on binding her arms behind her. Pulling her shoulders back, he bent her arms at her elbows and immobilized her by wrapping the rope around both elbows. He made sure she couldn’t move her arms but her wrists and hands he left loose. She would need them later.

“You did a real nice job on her tits,” Christopher complimented the boys. He smiled again as he ran his hands over each breast, separately bound tight, the blood pooling in them, stretching her skin taunt as they turned a deep red. She whimpered quietly at the heightened feel of his touch.

“We gave her a task,” Nathan reported as he helped her lie face down on the wooden platform.

“Oh. And what might that be?” Christopher asked intrigued at whether she was taking orders obediently.

“Not to speak unless spoken to first.”

“Very good. Has she been a good whore?”

“Delightfully obedient.”

“That’s what I like to hear,” Christopher raved, hitting her playfully on the ass. He groaned when he heard her meow.

“We told her she could make the noises of a pretty pussy given that she is one.”

“Well done brothers. Let’s get her strung up as soon as possible.”

Nathan and Michael worked on binding her legs. They pulled them apart, bent her knees and began to bind each leg – calf to thigh. As they did that, Christopher played with her.

As he savored her with slow, long licks, he could feel her purring. Christ she was the fucking perfect submissive. Never had he run across a woman like her. Probably because he didn’t love any of the others like he loved Isabella.

“She tastes so good,” Christopher moaned, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

“May I?” Nathan asked expectantly.

“Of course. I’m sure the little pussy would like to feel another man’s technique on her hot slit.”

As Christopher took over binding her leg, Nathan knelt down and breathed in her musky, humid odor. Isabella could feel his breath on her hot flesh. Her lips were engorged from Christopher’s ministrations. They were a deep red color, coated with her own juices that still dripped even though no one’s tongue was on her.

She gasped when she felt Nathan nibbling at her, his teeth grabbing her sensitive flesh and then letting go of it. It was enough to make her almost come. She managed to hold herself back, abiding by the rules.

Christopher could see translucent strands of Isabella’s juices binding Nathan’s mouth to her pussy. He was caught in the most delicious of webs. He tasted then pulled away as if he couldn’t handle the sweetness but couldn’t stop eating her either.

Nathan groaned, as more of her pussy got wet. She was juicy even when she wasn’t coming, he thought. He couldn’t imagine what it would be like when she did. She would drown him and he would happily breath his last on her swollen cunt.

“Done,” Michael declared.

“Up Nathan. Time to get her floating.”

Floating? Isabella thought. What the hell did that mean?

Christopher put her over his shoulder and walked her to the other side of the large room. Isabella saw all strange manner of equipment and restraints as they passed by. Hanging on the wall were whips, chains and items she knew nothing about.

In a cleared area, there were chains hanging down from the ceiling. She felt someone take half her weight off Christopher. As the two men held her, the third pressed a button, which lowered the chains. She could feel their cold metal on her skin near her shoulders, back, ass and feet.

She whimpered in fear as she felt someone take the “O” rings they had braided into the rope and snap the chains onto them.

“No!” she yelled out when they let her go. The room started to spin a little as she twisted in mid-air. She tried to get out of the ropes but couldn’t. Her fear began to grow and she started to cry.

Christopher hated to hear her cry. He knew that in some cases it could be very cathartic. This was not one of those cases. She needed to learn to trust him.

“Isabella!” he snapped. He crouched down to her eye level. Her eyelashes fluttered trying to clear the tears away. “Why are you crying?”

“I – I can’t – I don’t – I’m falling,” she managed to stutter out.

“No you aren’t.”

“I’m not?”

“No. You are floating. Come out from inside your head. Stay in your body. Listen to it. Close your eyes.”

She kept shaking her head and talking to herself, trying to will herself into her body as he told her to do.

Christopher didn’t even have to ask; the boys knew what Isabella needed. He struggled a bit with getting her to accept the ball gag. “Isabella,” he said sternly and grabbed the back of her neck. This seemed to calm her down. “I’m putting this in because you broke a rule. ‘Only speak when spoken to.’ ”

“Yes sir,” she mewled, opening her mouth to allow him to place the gag.

Christopher took the blindfold from Michael. “I want you to get out of your head so I’m going to blind you and force you to use your other senses including your skin. I want you to feel what we will do to you. Not think about it. Do you understand?”

She nodded her head dejectedly.

Christopher stood beside her. He placed a heavy hand on her back and a steady one on her stomach, pulling on the ropes causing them to tightening all over her, comfortingly, until she calmed down. Her breathing evened out and her heartbeat slowed considerably.

Isabella felt his reassuring hands on her body and almost immediately her fear was replaced by security. Christopher was there with her. He wouldn’t let anything happen to her.

Soon she descended into a sense of embodiment. She occupied her body in a way she never had before. Never had she felt certain areas of her body, which now felt exposed and tickled by the slight displacement of air as the men walked around her. She was fully alive in her own skin. It was astounding. The ropes felt like they were hugging her, holding her in her body. The deep pressure she felt was calming and dampened the overwhelming sensory overload of being totally embodied.

“No,” she mumbled against the ball gag when Christopher took his hands away from her.

“Patience Bella,” Christopher drawled. “I’m not leaving you. Nathan you take the left tit and Michael you the right. I will take the tasty cunt.”

Michael pushed a button on the wall, raising the chains and Isabella high above the ground. She gasped at the wind rushing over her as she was brought to the height of the men.

Screaming behind the gag, Isabella came when she felt three mouths attacking her most sensitive parts. She started crying, trying desperately to keep from coming but she couldn’t hold her body back from all those tongues and lips.

“Did someone give her permission to come?” Christopher asked taking his mouth away from all the juices flowing out of her.

He heard two “no’s”.

“Isabella you came without permission. You must be punished.”

She shook her head frantically.

He ignored her and went to get a toy to help him discipline her.

Isabella screamed again and came when she felt something soft but firm hit her pussy. When Christopher pulled the paddle away her thick juices clung to it lengthening out into gossamer strands. He moaned at the sight. Passing his finger through those strands he brought it to his mouth and tasted her again. He could eat her three times a day for a meal and still want more of her.

He pulled the paddle back and let it go to slap against her wet cunt again. She screamed and came again. He smiled. Sometimes he enjoyed the pain he inflicted. Hell he always liked hurting her. There was something about his Bella screaming out in pain and orgasm that made him proud that he could push her off the cliff. She trusted him enough to allow herself to be corrected by him.

“I think you killed her on that last one!” Michael exclaimed, seeing Isabella go slack.

“She’s going into subspace,” Christopher announced.

“You’ve already got her into subspace?” Nathan asked with surprise. “That was pretty quick.”

“What can I say? I’m trustworthy.”

“An arrogant fuck too.”

They all laughed. Michael lowered Isabella. Christopher and Nathan held her as she descended.

“Do you think we can leave her in them?” Nathan asked the other two.

“Take the gag out. The chest harness should be fine to leave her in. Let’s leave the legs but put her arms on a pole. We can string her up vertically.”

By the time they had her hanging, Isabella had returned to them. Christopher wiped her mouth of all the saliva her screams had caused because of the ball gag. He then kissed Isabella as she came back from subspace.

When she returned, he wanted to be the first person she experienced. Wanting to touch him, she whimpered into his mouth. He pulled away with a smile. She tried to follow him but realized with frustration that she was hanging in midair. Her lower body ached for him, needed to be filled with him. He wasn’t about to disappoint.

Christopher took off his pants and pulled her body to his. Grabbing her legs, he entered her quite easily given how well lubricated she was. She threw her head back in ecstasy at his taking possession of her finally. He was able to penetrate her deeply as she hung from the chains. Pulling her legs up over his hips, he fucked her hard, trying to mark her as his. Isabella cried out as she felt his cock hit her cervix. He grabbed the bar she was tied to and used it to slam her savagely onto his dick.

This time she screamed.

With every yell the men grew stiffer and stiffer. Something about a woman screaming in passion pushed their desire farther. The fine line between pleasure and pain was a dangerous rope to try and unravel. When it was done perfectly, the outcome was breathtaking.

“Bella come for me,” Christopher told her softly but firmly. He needed to be the one who brought her to the edge and then sent her over. It was his duty as her master to be able to make her come so hard she never felt like being with another man.

Isabella arched her back and went quiet as she came. She shuddered profoundly as she had an orgasm. Exquisite pleasure ran up and down her spine as he banged her trying to brand her as his.

Christopher roared when he came inside his Bella. He slowed his movements but still pounded her hard. She came again as she heard the primal noises he made in his throat. The pleasure rippled throughout her body moving outward from her pussy to the tips of her fingers. Her brain was inundated with endorphins and oxytocin that made the orgasm even more powerful than any before. Her heart felt like it would burst out of her chest.

He pulsed over and over again into her tight cunt. She grabbed him with her inner muscles, milking him for all she wanted. Feeling her cervix, he stopped and came in her, hoping that he was impregnating her. He wanted to have so many babies with Isabella.

Sweat dripped down his back and chest. She was covered in a silky gloss as well. Isabella’s whole body was warm from the closeness she felt with Christopher. Feeling his cum inside her made her want more of him. When he finally pulled out and let go of her, leaving her swinging, she felt his cum flow out of her. He left her panting and whimpering, desperate to come out of her bonds and touch her lover.

“Christopher,” she murmured, her head slumping on her neck. He put his hand underneath her chin and raised her head up to look at him.

“What is it my Bella?”

“I need to – to taste you.”

Christopher closed his eyes with fierce need. “Lower her!” he barked to the boys, forgiving her for breaking a rule.

Belonging : The Trilogy

It is Isabella's eighteenth birthday. Her sole friend, Christopher, is the only one who has remembered, but he has sexy ulterior motives. Can he lure the curvy Isabella to his side? Or will her insecurities rob her of a chance at happiness?