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Behind the Curtain with Zac

Magic Men Fan Fiction

“Kitten, do you have a safe word?”

She shook her head not understanding what that was.

“Speak up, kitten. Make yourself very clear.”

“No,” she told him. “I don’t know what that is.”

“Very well. If at any point you want me to stop playing with you, you should say ‘red.’ If something I do bothers you and you need a minute, say ‘yellow.’ If I ask you and you are ok with whatever I’m doing, say ‘green.’ Do you understand?”

“Yes Zac. I get it.”

“Good. That said, be very honest with yourself and me kitten. If something hurts beyond what you think you can handle at least give me a yellow indication. We’re getting to know each other and we need to be very open with our thoughts and feelings.

“Some people think I read minds but what I really do is pay attention to my subs. I try to discern their body language, their screams, their expressions. The more you tell me how you are feeling and thinking; I can learn to know you more intimately and precisely. Does that make sense?”


“Good. Kittenm I am going to push your boundaries so be very intentional about whether you want me to stop. I always have your best interests at heart in whatever I am doing. You can assume that. If you do, I will be so pleased with our relationship.”

“I know you—care for me,” she began tentatively, the words still not quite feeling correct in her mouth. “You would never solely be cruel for cruelty’s sake.”

“There will always be a reason for my cruelty,” he said smirking. “Now I want you to do something for me.”


“Take your dress off,” he commanded gruffly, stepping back from her, leaving her by herself next to a padded table. He put his hands in his pockets and waited for her to obey.

“Here?” she squeaked.

“I’m not going to tell you again, kitten,” he snapped.

She jumped at the sound of his clipped words.

Slowly, afraid of what he was going to think when she revealed her less than perfect body, she pulled the straps of her dress off her shoulders.

“Zac, are you sure you want to do this?” she asked concerned. The lights in the room weren’t bright. They were barely lit but she was pretty sure he would be able to see every one of her flaws nevertheless.

“Call me ‘Master’ or ‘Sir,’” he ordered her gently.

“Sir are you sure—?”

“Kitten, I have never been more sure of anything in my life,” he reassured her in a softened voice. “Now do as I say.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Once the straps were off her shoulders, gravity took the rest of the dress off her body. She stood there shivering and ashamed in a lace bra and panties. She wanted to cover herself with her arms but he forbade her to do so.

“Look at me kitten,” he commanded when she looked everywhere but at him afraid of the revulsion she would see on his face. She gasped when she finally let her gaze fall upon him. She couldn’t name what she saw on his face. No man had ever looked at her like he was staring at her alone. But her body knew… Her nipples beaded up and a sensual tension began to twist in the pit of her womb.

He wanted her, she thought dumbfounded. What her ex had told her over and over was disgusting, Zac found desirable.

“You are so fucking beautiful,” he grumbled, his voice low and authoritative. “I’ve never seen such sensuous beauty in my life.” 

Her Rubenesque beauty astounded him. Her bountiful breasts, small waist, and softly sloping stomach to thick thighs were the very image of womanly fertility and power.

“Really, Sir?”

“I thought you said you would believe me, kitten,” he commented, raising an eyebrow at her. “Are you saying I’m lying?”

She shook her head vigorously. “No Sir!” she said quickly. “I’m just—surprised. No one has ever said I was—beautiful.”

“Surely your parents told you,” he said walking in closer to her drawn like a moth to a flame.

She frowned. “My parents loved me,” she began tentatively. 

“They clothed me, fed me, kept a roof over my head, but they were so close there really wasn’t room for me in their relationship. I love them and all they did for me but I was only another possession they collected because society dictated that they have a child as a married couple.”

“So they ignored you,” he said softly, aching for the little girl who had been given everything and nothing. Coming to stand right in front of her, he raised his hand and laid it on her chest, between her breasts. She closed her eyes in relief at the sudden weight of his physical presence on her body. Her memories had almost carried her away from the moment into her past, which had razor edges everywhere. His touch drew her back to the present and to him.

The heat from off his body called to her now cold one. The place was like an icebox! Why was it so cold, she wondered, as her frame trembled from the freezing temperatures?

“Kitten, open your eyes,” he directed gently.

When she did, she looked up into his deep brown ones full of tenderness for her. Her hands came up to grasp the wrist of his hand that lay against her chest. Even his crisp white shirtsleeves tantalized her. Everything about him screamed alpha male and yet he wasn’t an asshole.

“I can’t ignore you,” he told her seriously. “You take up all my attention and desire. I’m not like your parents or ex. I love you, kitten.”

“Thank you,” she whispered, tears pricking her eyes.

He chuckled. “It’s not such a chore, kitten,” he commented smiling. “In fact, it’s very easy for me.”

“I believe you,” she said instead of questioning him like she wanted to. He had asked her to believe in him. That is what she intended to do from now on.


Zac stepped closer to her. She trembled against him. He slid his hand up her chest to around her neck. There he held her possessively, claiming her as his. Staring into her eyes he let all his emotions for her shine through them—passion, need, love, desire, protection.

He smiled when she gasped. Before she could say anything, he kissed her fiercely. It was a greedy kiss, an assertive kiss that demanded her all. His tongue thrust forward into her mouth claiming her. He moaned at the taste of her sweetness.

As he explored her mouth, she took her first tentative swipes at his tongue. When he moaned, she retreated thinking she had done something wrong but when he continued to kiss her, she went back to him, savoring his masculine flavor.

Zac grabbed her head with both hands and angled it so that he could deepen the kiss. Running his hands down her throat, to her shoulders, he left goose bumps all along her body. When he reached her hips, he grabbed her and pulled her to him, rubbing her against him. The evidence of his arousal was prominent.

He picked her up by the ass and put her on the table. As he continued to kiss her deeply, he took her bra off, flinging it behind him.

Pulling out a black satin sash from his pocket he had put there earlier, he wondered if she would take to the blindfold without too much protest.

“Kitten, I’m going to tie this around your eyes,” he told her, his voice thick with need. “I want to engage all your other senses and I find that blindfolding a woman heightens the other senses to a high degree. Would you let me do that to you?”

“Yes sir,” she agreed without hesitation. Zac smiled at her quick response.

“Thank you, kitten,” he said quietly. “You are such a good girl.”

That warmed her heart. It had been forever since she had received even faint praise from anyone. She was so happy to be able to make him proud of her.

He slowly and gently wrapped the black sash around her eyes, moving to the back of the table so that he could tie it.

“Sir?” she asked panicky. He could sense her beginning to tense up.

“It’s nothing kitten,” he reassured her. “Relax kitten. I’ve got you.”

“Yes you do,” she answered with a smile, “looking” over her shoulder at where she thought he was. He startled her when he touched her cheek from in front of her.

“Just me kitten,” he told her. “Good to know the blindfold is working.”


“What kitten?”

“I’m cold.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll get you warm soon enough.”


Zac sat down next to her on the table.

“Lay down kitten,” he told her, helping her to do so. He put her legs on his lap. “For such a little one you sure do have a lot of gorgeous leg especially in these wicked shoes.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“But I bet your feet are even prettier.”

Gently he grabbed hold of her ankle and the stiletto heel. He pulled the shoe off slowly. He did the same with the other foot. Then he proceeded to give her a foot massage. The third groan from her when he went deep into her instep, made him moan. Every passing second with her so close and practically naked was wearing on his control. He wanted so badly to be buried inside her.

But he was deliberately going slow and gentle with her this first time. She was a virgin to him and he wanted their first act of sex to be one of intimacy and love, not penetration. He would still claim her but he wanted her consent first and foremost for the rest of the life he had planned for them. This was just the beginning.

Running his hands up both legs, he marveled at the smoothness of her skin. When he reached those pillowy thighs he bent over and buried his face in between them. They were as soft as they looked. He felt her tense up.

He kissed where her thighs met her body and then moved up to the juncture between her legs still graced with lace panties. Sliding out from underneath her legs, he stood and grabbed the crotch of those panties and ripped them off of her, revealing… 

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Behind the Curtain with Zac
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