Beauty Queen

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She could feel his eyes on her. Burning into her skin. With a simple hook of her leg on the solid pole, she slid her herself down. Purposely falling into her customers lap. Her bottom slid against the ridge of his jeans, causing it to swell and bulge. A grin formed on her red-colored lips. She loved getting that reaction from men. But her profession wasn't just to strip. It was art. The art of sensual dancing. Sliding naked thighs against a pole might pay the bills, but she respected herself enough to not take off her clothes. Instead, she seduced her audience with her eyes. The sensual swaying of her hips. Her sexy smile. She had them every single time. This gentleman was one of her more recent customers. He caught her gaze one night while she was performing her most famous routine, the red rose. She smiled at him through her dark red mask, his hazel eyes growing a shade darker. Desire. She loved the very meaning of the word. She lived on it. Breathed on it. She used it in her dances. Anyone can dance. But actually having the desire to perform for your audience was a totally different thing. 

She slipped off his lap and swayed her hips to the rhythm of the soft sensual music. Her brown eyes met his. They connected. She felt it rush through her veins. It was brand new to her, and she wondered what to do with it. She'd connected with her audience before, but it was never this powerful. This man had some kind of power over her. And through her dancing, she was determined to find out what would become of her if she forgot about the rules.

His hair was a thick mass of jet black. His olive-colored complexion made him look dangerously masculine and made her nipples harden. His thick eyebrows and his strong jawline caused her clit to start throbbing. She loved a man with strong features. Eyes that could seduce a woman so strongly with a simple glance. Lips that could bring a woman to undress with a brush of his kiss. And for once, she wanted to undress in front of him. Only for him

The rules strictly forbid any sexual encounters. But that's what made it that much more exciting. She pulled on the pin that was holding up her hair and shook her head, causing a smile to form on his lips. Licking her own, she watched him pull her onto his lap, her thighs straddling his waist. She wanted him. She wanted him now.

"Are you allowed to be touched?’’ The sound of his deep voice reminded her of warm honey sliding down her throat.

"I’m not a big fan of rules.’’

His finger traced the valley between her pushed-up breasts. His other hand was occupied with unclasping her vibrant neon red-colored bra. Her tongue ran across her lower lip as he unhooked her bra and slid it off her shoulders. Her nipples hardened even more as the cool air brushed against them. Her cheeks were hot, no doubt completely flushed by now. She could feel the inner walls between her legs slick with her wetness, the utter proof of what he did to her. She pushed her pelvis against his. He stilled her with his strong hands.

 "Impatient little thing, aren't you, Beauty Queen?’’

 A grin formed on her lips as he used her stage name. Her thick mass of dark brown wavy hair and intense brown eyes, her curvaceous body and cream colored thighs was all thanks to her mother. His mouth lowered to one of her nipples. She sucked in a breath and melted into his eager mouth. His tongue flickered over the sensitive button while his other hand ran down her flat stomach, teasing the pit of her abdomen with his thumb. She pushed against his hand. He didn't move it lower. His mouth moved over to her other nipple, leaving the other one swollen and slightly wet from his mouth. He then sucked in her tender flesh into his mouth, while sliding a finger into her slick, trimmed folds. She was tight and wet against his finger as it explored her. His fingertip flickered over her clit. Sending waves of pleasure spasms through her pubic muscles. She rocked against his finger and worked on his belt. Once she finally managed to bring his thick shaft out of his pants, they were both breathing heavy, panting with the eagerness to have more of each other. He wrapped his cock quickly into a condom and slipped her thong down her legs. He met her eyes then. An electrical current of heat and lust ran through her. She leaned into him, brushing her lips over his gently. The tip of her tongue licking its way into his warm mouth. His velvet tongue touched hers and the wild kissing began. 

His strong hands gripped her hips and he drove his hard cock into her. Her lips pulled away from his as she gasped loudly at the feel of his thickness stretching her, filling her completely. He pumped into her. Her lips came down onto his again, tongues wrestling for control but explored their each other's taste nonetheless. Her muscles began to contract as he took her nipple in between his fingers and squeezed gently, pinching lightly. Her hips rode him wildly, her thighs buckling at the brink of her orgasm. His cock swelled, stretching her even more as he slipped in deeper. Her inner muscles enclosed over his shaft, milking him. His hips grinded upwards as she sank down into him and they both cried out in mind-blowing pleasure. Their chests heaving, their warm breaths colliding. The spasms of their orgasms running throughout their sticky bodies. He rested his forehead on hers, his lust filled gaze meeting her own.

"Same time tomorrow?’’ She grinned at his words, glad that he wasn't tired of her after he got what he wanted. What they both wanted.

"How about later on tonight?’’ She suggested and he smiled, his perfectly white teeth showing beneath his swollen lips.

"See you then, Beauty Queen.’’

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