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Bare Feet or Nylons?

Which is your fetish?

Richard is a sales agent who is single and somewhat shy. He is 41-years-old and has never been married nor does he have any children. He has a lifestyle all his own. He works in an office on the telephone for an accounting firm wearing nice suits with black ties. He goes home after work to be met by his miniature schnauzer named Rex.

The only thing that no one knows about is that Richard has fetishes. He loves everything from being made a slave or sissy boy to his favorite, which is pantyhose and nylons. He has a personal drawer full of them which he plays with in the comfort of his own home.

Every now and then, he will have a young woman come over and model them for him which excites him to the fullest, but mostly he loves to rub them on his cock and balls. Richard has occasionally worn them and slipped them over his cock like a condom while he masturbates. They feel so good and arousing on his cock. He loves to see his juice stuck to them.

One night, Richard decided to go out to dinner alone before going home. As he sat in this nice restaurant enjoying his filet mignon, baked potato, and green peas, he admired all the women in the restaurant. Mainly he admired the pantyhose or nylons they were wearing. He was always looking out for the latest trending ones that might be out there.

After he finished his meal, he got up and left his tip on the table while walking up to the cashier to pay for his food. While walking outside, he noticed a young woman standing outside waiting for a cab. She looked to be in her early twenties with long wavy blonde hair and the most gorgeous emerald green eyes.

She had a tight curvaceous body while wearing a mid-thigh dress, but what caught Richard’s attention was her long legs wearing some very silky-looking thigh high nylons. He walked over and asked her if she needed some help, to which she turned and smiled at him before telling him that she has been waiting forever on a cab.

Richard felt bad for her and asked if he could give her a lift home. It was a little chilly outside and she appreciatively stated, “yes.” Richard put out his arm for her to grab while he escorted her to his vehicle. He drove a nice silver Chrysler 300 which wowed her when they walked up to it.

He unlocked and opened the door for her and watched her legs as she sat inside. He closed her door and walked around to his side, getting in and turning the heat on low to warm her up. As they pulled out of the parking lot, they began a casual conversation with each other. He found out her name was Rebecca and she was very sweet and polite.

She lived quite a way out of the city and Richard brought up how nice her nylons were, which make her laugh a little. He was polite in asking if he could touch them. Rebecca looked a little weird at him and then he explained how he loved pantyhose and nylons but was afraid to tell her what he does with them.

She looked at him smiling while telling him, “okay.” He reached over slowly and rubbed the lower part of her thigh and instantly could feel something getting hard in his pants and tried to hide it but Rebecca caught on, not saying anything.

Richard pulled his hand back quickly enough to almost scare Rebecca. It seemed that Richard was passive and timid towards women and Rebecca saw this. She tried to calm him down and knew that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. He showed her his true side of passiveness and kink.

He finally broke down and began telling Rebecca what he likes to do when it comes to pantyhose and nylons and she found it to be a turn on, which shocked Richard. He asked if she would like to go back to his house and watch him play? Rebecca thought about it and agreed to go back to his home, which made Richard happy but nervous.

They drove back to Richard’s house and he escorted her to the door, opening it for her. They walked inside, and he told her to make herself comfortable while he got them something to drink. Rebecca went and sat in the living room and waited for Richard to come back inside the room.

Once he walked inside the room, Rebecca complimented him on his home decor. He told her "thank you" as he handed her a drink. He sat with her on the sofa and they struck up a mild conversation before going into Richard's fetishes. Rebecca was anxious to tell Richard of hers.

They sat and talked and then Richard explained several ways that he enjoyed his fetish with pantyhose and nylons. Rebecca found them to be fascinating and a bit erotic. She began telling Richard her closet fetishes too, which were mutual masturbation, sissy boys, and men that had heel fetishes.

She loved when a man played with her stocking feet and even those who love sniffing her panties. Richard then became aroused and asked Rebecca if she would like to watch him play with her nylons and feet. Rebecca stated that she would be offended if he didn’t and that made Richard hard with a stiff cock.

He calmly took off his clothing except for his boxer shorts and Rebecca came out of her dress and bra, leaving her panties and nylons on. She stood up and gave him a tease, with her bending over and gliding her hands up and down her nylons.

Richard asked her to sit down on the sofa while he got down on the floor in front of her and sat with his legs crossed and placed one of her nylon feet in between his legs and placed it up against his semi-hard cock while he proceeded to caress her silky legs.

Rebecca could feel his cock getting harder under her foot and it aroused her to watch and feel his hands. He caressed them up and down and occasionally took her foot and rubbed it around on his cock. He loved the way her toes felt against his piece of meat and the way her foot looked against him.

He finally reached inside and pulled his hard cock out and rubbed it against her nylons. It began turning Rebecca on more to see his hard cock around her feet and being rubbed against her nylons. Richard saw how much it aroused her so he became more relaxed with her and his fetishes.

They sat there for hours, playing and teasing each other. Richard would sit and masturbate his cock against her feet and then he would shoot his ejaculate all over her nylons. When she saw his semen shoot over her feet, it would bring her to orgasm while she played with herself.

After that night of playful fetish fun, Richard and Rebecca made it a regular date every couple of weeks. They would get together, have dinner, and then go back to his place and play with each other’s fetishes. It was so much fun.

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Brandi Payne
Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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