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The Relationship and the People In It (A Piece in Installments)

What You May Think You’re Getting Into...

Badgers. The way they interact and the different animal hierarchy that exists within their culture. Or maybe the way people try to communicate with badgers.

What You Are REALLY Getting Into...

Sex. The people you’re having it with. The people you wish you were having it with. The dirty details. The emotions that bubble up. Why they ended up in your life.

The Whole Idea from the Start

Women seem to have more hateful words to describe one another than there are bra sizes. Slut, whore, tease, skank, twat, cunt; the list goes on and on. These words always come out when talking about sex. More specifically the amount of sex.

You haven’t had sex by the time you are a senior in high school? You’re a virgin and won’t be able to enjoy college to its full extent.

You have had sex with how many people by your senior year of high school? You’re a slut who should probably get tested for STI’s.

You dress like that and you’re a virgin? You’re such a tease for making people look at your tits and ass hanging out.

You dress like that and you have had sex with that many people? You’re such a skank who opens her legs too much.

You slept with him when he had a girlfriend? You knew about it? You are such a whore.

Or, the newest trend: combining words to match the situation.

You are such a bitch for sleeping with him and his roommate. You know what? No, you’re worse than a bitch. You’re a cunttwat.

The list goes on and on.

So, women have all of these words for one another that have ended up in the mouths of men.

“She would totally sleep with you. She’s a whore.”

So why don’t men have these words? Why are men praised as their number goes up but women are degraded for doing the same thing? Why aren’t men whores, sluts, skanks, cunttwats?

Men get to sleep with every woman they want to and are applauded by their friends. They can tell the same sex story to numerous men and be given praise. Men can write books about their 1000 woman; they can have TV shows where they sleep with their 10000 woman like it’s a customer in a store.

Women can’t without some repercussion. We’re encouraged to keep quiet about our sexual escapades.

You had a one night stand that turned your world upside down? The world doesn’t want to hear about it.

You had sex with your fuck buddy for the fourteenth time and he actually got you to orgasm this time? The world doesn’t want to hear about it.

You think your best friend is trying to get in your pants? The world doesn’t want to hear about it.

You are considering losing your virginity to the frat guy that everyone else has been with? The world wants to hear about it because it means they can start calling you every dirty name under the sun.

Well, it’s time to break these social "norms."

If men can talk about their one night stands, why can’t a woman?

If men can be praised for their sexual prowess, why can’t a woman?

If men can write books about their sexual adventures, why can’t a woman?

Well, a woman is going to.

That woman is me.

So, what’s with the badger?

Great. A woman is going to write a book about her sexual adventures. So then why is it titled after an animal? Does she dress up like a furry to have sex? Does she have an unhealthy obsession with this masked mammal?

While badgers are great animals, there is one simple reason why the title of this novel is BADGER(S). Every letter is going to help guide this whirlwind of an adventure.

Starting with the best friend and working through the rebel, every letter is a symbol of a type of person that will probably come up in your sex life.

That does not mean every person in the world has to sleep with six people before finding the person they are going to settle down with or before you realize you hate people.

It also does not mean six is the limit.

People can be a combination of these traits; some may even have every single BADGER quality.

Maybe you sleep with these people, date these people, marry these people, divorce these people, or befriend these people.

You may have all of these people in your life; you may have none.

Here’s just a glance at how they impacted my life.

A Few Final Disclaimers Before We Begin...

In case you missed anything within the last few paragraphs, a woman is writing a novel about her sex life and is using an animal as an acronym.

A few things before we dive in.

The names used within this story are not the names of the people within my life. While I don’t mind putting this information out there, I know that some of them might.

They may have been assholes, but I’m just going to be the bigger person. Even if they did have small dicks...

One Last Thing...

This is my life. Some crazy things have happened. Since you’re reading this, you can judge me all you want.

But understand I did what I thought was best at the time.

I’m not perfect (you’re going to find that out really quick). I may look back on some of these events with disgust or remorse.

Some of these could be my greatest accomplishments in life.

I do not condone some of the things I do.

Most of them I do, though, if you’re looking for a walk on the wild side.

But just know: this was based on my best judgement at the time.

I’m not apologizing for what I did. 

How This'll Work

Every week, I'll post a chapter from the book. The hope is you'll make it to the end and relate to one of the people that I ran into.

It'll go in order. Starting with B, going to A, going to D, etc. Etc. Etc.

Hopefully this works.

Hopefully you'll like it.

And hopefully I don't sound like a huge slut.

It's okay if I sound like a little slut...

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