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10 Tips for Having Hot Sex in Long-term Relationships
15 days ago
"So, are you still having sex?" My best friend Charlotte and I were a couple of drinks in when she blurted this question out to me. Charlotte was shy and very prudish, not one to mention the 'S' word ...
What It's Like Being a Millionaire’s Part-time Girlfriend
16 days ago
We all daydream about it don't we? Sunbathing on a yacht in St. Tropez, living as the other half do, no worries about money. Spending our days shopping, buying millions of things that we might never n...
Why I Will Never Fake Another Orgasm
16 days ago
So you’ve just started seeing this guy that you’re really attracted to. You could barely wait to strip him naked and have him on top of you. You are so turned on. ...But you are literally feeling noth...
7 Things I Learned Working on a Phone Sex Line
17 days ago
The phone rings. It’s Susan, the receptionist. There is a man on the other line. She tells me his name and who he wants me to be. He’s asked for Alice. I play Alice regularly. Clearing my throat befor...