Xena Warrior

If I have the power to change things, I will. "It is what it is" will not be a cop out.

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My First Time with a Dom
a month ago
"Sit down," he said. I took a seat on his sofa, legs crossed with my hands folded in my lap. "It's important that I know if you have any expectations," he stated in a French accent. "I don't know that...
5 months ago
My whole body jumps as your fingers titillate my nipple. I can't help it, I'm sensitive. Your hand roams under my shirt as we spoon, NOT watching the movie on your TV. "Be nice to me!" I whine. You se...
5 months ago
Damn you. Damn your delicious body and your perfectly groomed facial hair. All I ever want to do is run my fingers along your face, muscles, flesh and as Meg Myers put it: "skin you with my tongue." I...
7 months ago
Bar Sinister... Where downstairs is for the misfits and topless dancers, but UPSTAIRS is for those who are searching for their very own Mr. Grey. Only Master Feenix is no sadist, but an artist. A seem...
7 months ago
Sitting at my laptop, trying to concentrate... Remembering your thumb brushing my mouth and slipping between my teeth. Biting my lower lip now as I think back on it. Your hand gliding down to my throa...