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24 years old, nothing better to do but fantasize. 

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Dad's Friend (Part 3)
4 months ago
The men got ready, wearing pants with nothing under and an easy-to-remove top. They didn't bother knocking on the door because Larry left the door open, not wanting to scare Ashley. Ashley had no idea...
Dads Friend (Part 2)
4 months ago
Christmas break finally came around the end of Ashley’s first ever semester. She informed her parents that from the three weeks she had off, she could only spend one week with them due to her joined a...
Dad's Friend
4 months ago
Ashley went to college two provinces over. She found out she had "reading week" coming up. Reading week was a full week off school to catch up on assignments and study for midterm exams. Ashley immedi...
Coffee Shop Guy [Part 1]
4 months ago
A basic background story about my life: I graduated from university; the longest four years of my life, and everyone who graduates and goes out into the financially driven world; I got hit with multip...
Professor That Played Me
4 months ago
It was final exams week, I had only taken one class because it was my final year and I just needed this class to get me to graduate. It was a bird class as people say, an easy way to boost your averag...
Coffee Shop Guy [Part 2]
5 months ago
He parked really close to the house, as he looked at me and said, “Would you like to go in?” I said yes and began to go up the stairs near the door. The front door was unlocked, as we got into the hou...