Velvet Shodun

I am a twenty-one-year-old erotica author. I like to write, read, paint and garden in my free time. I work at a sex shop and over the last year have found a love and fascination for erotica.

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We All Have Secrets
6 months ago
The morning had started out easy, nothing that Sasha couldn't handle, but he knew the day would just get progressively worse. He had worn and used the butt plug before, it wasn't like it was a complet...
Constant Distraction—Part 5
7 months ago
Abigail I couldn't stop thinking about it the entire ride home, this had to be one of the worst dates I've ever been on, and I've been on quite a few bad ones recently. I'm not letting my sister set m...
Constant Distraction—Part 4
9 months ago
It wasn't like the movies. Where it's literally every single person staring and whispering at you. I did notice a few people staring at me and then whispering to their friends but only because I was l...
Constant Distraction - Part 3
10 months ago
Professor Harte had managed to invade my dreams twice now and I couldn’t ever keep her off my mind when I was outside of her class. Her personality was having this affect on me no other girl’s had. Wh...
Constant Distraction—Part 2
a year ago
I’m fairing better than I thought I would. Watching a lot more porn than average.... and jerking off a lot more than average, but I’m pretty sure my grade hasn’t dropped below a C. Even then I know I’...
Club Cliche (Part One)
a year ago
Mary-Anne caressed her body as she moved on the dance floor; it was kind of cliched looking for a fuck in the club. But she was looking for something special. She was hoping it would be easy to find h...