Velvet Shodun

I am a twenty-one-year-old erotica author. I like to write, read, paint and garden in my free time. I work at a sex shop and over the last year have found a love and fascination for erotica.

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Constant Distraction—Part 5
14 days ago
Abigail I couldn't stop thinking about it the entire ride home, this had to be one of the worst dates I've ever been on, and I've been on quite a few bad ones recently. I'm not letting my sister set m...
Constant Distraction—Part 4
3 months ago
It wasn't like the movies. Where it's literally every single person staring and whispering at you. I did notice a few people staring at me and then whispering to their friends but only because I was l...
Constant Distraction - Part 3
4 months ago
Professor Harte had managed to invade my dreams twice now and I couldn’t ever keep her off my mind when I was outside of her class. Her personality was having this affect on me no other girl’s had. Wh...
Constant Distraction—Part 2
5 months ago
I’m fairing better than I thought I would. Watching a lot more porn than average.... and jerking off a lot more than average, but I’m pretty sure my grade hasn’t dropped below a C. Even then I know I’...
Club Cliche (Part One)
5 months ago
Mary-Anne caressed her body as she moved on the dance floor; it was kind of cliched looking for a fuck in the club. But she was looking for something special. She was hoping it would be easy to find h...
Constant Distraction
5 months ago
My parents just always thought I had ADHD when in all actuality I had a completely different problem on my hands. I always kinda got upset about it. Mainly because I was another misdiagnosed kid, I ne...