Two Lips

I'm just a girl who likes to write dirty stories; two strangers finding each other and having the best night of their lives sounds so fun to me, being free to find, fuck, and forget is a great thing if you do it right.

Would love feedback.

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The Hotel
10 months ago
It was becoming a long week for Sarah; these business trips were not all that fun to go on, but she had no choice in the matter. She is the best market research advisor her company has and so they sen...
The Train
10 months ago
Lee boards the train not really knowing what is waiting for him, he just thinks about the business trip that he is taking and how long it's going to be; he finds an empty cabin and puts his bags away ...
The Strangers
10 months ago
The day seemed to drive on for a long time, but Jane can feel something coming, she isn’t sure what it is or when it will arrive, but she is very unsure about whatever it is that is supposed to be on ...