Tucker Rodriguez

I'm a writer who enjoys the nightly prowls of a lost soul looking for a mate to "mate" with. But that's not all I write about. I enjoy drama and suspense. Aside from writing, I love to Netflix and chill and play video games.

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How To Sex
a year ago
How to sex, like a hopeless romantic. Like a hornball with intense urges to—excuse my language—fuck any living thing. Let me rephrase: any living human...thing. First, understand. If you desire a part...
Off White
a year ago
The camera was already set on the dresser, hidden underneath a sweater. If it was in plain sight, they’d feel like they were being watched. Today, they just wanted some peace and quiet, with the excep...
a year ago
I want to caress her. I want to feel along her smooth skin and breathe in her scent. There’s this . . . longing . . . this craving I have. She knows, no doubt. She knows I’m wrapped around her finger,...
Door Number One
a year ago
So . . . there is this thing . . . it's eating me up inside. Ah. Man. It's just so tempting. I mean, just look at it! Five inches, and if I want . . . maybe eight? Just thinking about where it would f...
More Than Just Butterflies
a year ago
These feelings rekindle like a flaming fire so fast, it's nonsense. I don't know whether to pursue these feelings or leave them be, because things have been everywhere between us. The warmth of his li...