Teela Hudak

Teela is a Vancouver-based Sex Educator & Relationship Expert. Learn more at: https://exploresextalk.com/

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What Is Fluid Bonding?
a month ago
Have you ever heard the term "fluid bonding"? Fluid bonding is a fairly simple, but an important concept in a relationship. Put simply, it is the agreement between two people to share bodily fluids. T...
What Is Safer Sex?
a month ago
Safer sex is about protecting yourself and your partner from any unwanted risks during sexual activities. It most commonly refers to protecting yourself from the transmission of sexually transmitted i...
Your Basic Guide to Water-Based Lube
a month ago
Water-based lubricants can be used to really enhance your sexual experience. Whether you are enjoying some self-love or enjoying time with others, you may wish to try experimenting with some lubricant...
Is Nudity Always Sexual?
a month ago
There is a strong connection between nudity and sexuality. It makes sense because for a lot of sexual activity, a person needs to be at least partially naked. We also may experience sexual desires fro...
What Is an STI?
a month ago
An important part of being sexually active is protecting your sexual health. A lot of people’s first concerns are about unwanted pregnancies but there is another important reason to use safer sex meth...
Can Someone Get Pregnant from Oral Sex?
a month ago
A common question that always pops up for some people are concerns about unwanted pregnancies. There is a lot of misinformation and general lack of information out there for people. Many places don't ...