Teela Hudak

Teela is a Vancouver-based Sex Educator & Relationship Expert. Learn more at: https://exploresextalk.com/

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How Do I Get Tested?
23 days ago
Everyone has an STI status and it's important for you to know yours. It's a huge piece of being a sexually healthy and responsible adult. Getting tested on a regular basis will help you avoid any long...
What Is Sex-Positivity?
23 days ago
There are a lot of ways to look at sexuality. People are influenced by their upbringing, culture, religion, and life experiences. Our ideas about sexuality evolve throughout our lives based on all the...
What Is Vaginal Sex?
23 days ago
Vaginal sex is what most people think of when they talk about sex. It is often primarily thought of as a penis entering a vulva and into the vagina, but that is only one part of vaginal sex. It is act...
Is Oral Sex Safe?
23 days ago
Is it really necessary to practice safer oral sex? A lot of people would argue that it really ruins the experience. It's also a fairly common perception that there is no need for safer sex methods whe...
When Is Consent Freely Given?
25 days ago
Choice is a crucial part of consent. That seems fairly straightforward and a total no brainer. When we talk about consent, pretty much everyone would agree that consent should be freely given. It's ea...
Is Asking for Consent Awkward?
25 days ago
When consent is a newer concept or conversation for you, it may feel awkward to start doing it. We don't have a lot of good examples modeled to us of suave and sexy consent conversations. There is usu...