Teela Hudak

Teela is a Vancouver-based Sex Educator & Relationship Expert. Learn more at: https://exploresextalk.com/

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Should You Use Two Condoms at a Time?
19 days ago
Using condoms is usually a pretty good idea whether you're wanting to avoid pregnancy or just protecting your sexual health. There are lots of different kinds of condoms that come in a variety of size...
Do You Get Embarrassed Talking About Sex?
21 days ago
Sex can be a difficult topic and many people are easily embarrassed talking about it. There are plenty of reasons why it can be a really uncomfortable topic. It can depend on how a person was raised, ...
What Is an Orgasm?
23 days ago
An orgasm is the sensation of intense sexual pleasure. It is often considered the climax or peak of sexual activities and is sometimes referred to as "cumming" or "climaxing." Anyone can have an orgas...
What Is Anal Sex?
23 days ago
Anal sex is when something is inserted into the anus. Commonly most people think of a penis being inserted but fingers or a sex toy can also be used. Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of anal ...
How Often Should I Get Tested?
23 days ago
Do you ever ask yourself, how often should I get tested? Getting tested is an important part of safeguarding your sexual health but how often should you go? The answer is going to be a little differen...
Why Is Talking About Sex Embarrassing?
23 days ago
If the thought of talking about sex brings a flush to your cheeks or a nervous flutter to your belly, then don't worry. You are not alone. Many adults are uncomfortable talking about sex, even with th...