Tara Roberts

It's only weird if you think no one else is doing it.

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Bringing Up The Rear
10 months ago
I've heard it all, and then some, as to why women don't like or won't try the great taboo that is anal sex. Many of the reasons I have heard seem to be little more than masking tape slapped over excus...
BDSM: How Far Is Too Far?
10 months ago
As far as fetishes go, bondage can be one of the more versatile. However fun it may be for those willing to participate, there will always be someone who believes it is little more than abuse. How do ...
Parents Can't Do That!
a year ago
Let's face it, sex after kids can be described as a series of hit and miss moments. Many parents, whether they engage in vanilla or kinky sex, tend to find that their sex life after kids has altered, ...
Does Size Matter?
a year ago
Recently, while pursuing through Facebook, I came across several articles focused mainly on the size of a man's penis; namely what constitutes as the average size. One article claimed that average sit...
Tell It Like It Is
a year ago
When it comes to sexual relationships, there are some areas that can be a little tricky. There are the average questions of, who's more sexually advanced than the other, is my physical physique up to ...
Dominance in the Bedroom
a year ago
So, you've been asked to take part in a Dominant-submissive role in the bedroom. A part of you is excited, while the other is overwhelmed by the concept. Never fear, it's not that complex. Most of a D...