Sophia-Helene Mees de Tricht

I'm a socialist space penguin. I mean, I'm sure there are more important things about me, but I also don't want to be accused of misrepresenting myself, so let me just say that up front and loudly and clearly and oops! I'm about out of spa

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Follow-Up to Pandora's Box
9 months ago
A follow up to Pandora’s Box So I did a thing on Saturday that I called “Pandora’s Box.” It was published in Filthy on Sunday morning (I disagree with the placement, but there was a lot of talk about ...
Pandora's Box
9 months ago
I am a lesbian. That’s a complicated statement. Well, it is for me. It shouldn’t be, but oh my God it is. And perhaps not for the reasons you might immediately think. You see, in addition to being a l...