Shay Casey

Urban fiction writer with a crazy imagination and not afraid to show my wild side

Dream Of Ecstasy
8 months ago
We stood there face to face for the first time in ten years, he looked better than ever before. The last time we saw each other, we were in elementary school and ten years old. He's older than me by t...
Head In The Clouds Part 2
8 months ago
Chills went through my body at the thought of King's big strong hands on my soft smooth skin as we made passionate love on his custom California king bed. King was my dream guy but unfortunately, I go...
Head In the Clouds
9 months ago
I felt great, another hour of passion between the sheets between me and my man; King. Everything about King drove me absolutely insane. "Baby, why are you so good at that?" "What?" He looked at me a s...
The Love I Can Never Have
9 months ago
We met on Kik, on the Roleplay side app. It started out as a simple role play with him and another fellow role player. It was supposed to be a threesome and it got dull after a couple hours as well as...