Sarah Stanley Smith

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The Charm Bracelet - April Part 2
3 months ago
Chapter 3 — The Middle of April Meredith was up bright and early the next morning hoping to avoid any contact with Connie. She didn't want to go into details about what went on the night before. So sh...
Short and Quick
3 months ago
He knew he wanted me. I could see it in his eyes. His body was just right for me. He was 6 ft 3, lean, and muscular. His blue-green eyes were perfect, his full lips that you could kiss for hours, and ...
More Than Roommates
3 months ago
"Shit!" I yelled as I laid in bed, naked with my vibrator out. The batteries were dead. This always seemed to happen. "Maybe I need a new one," I whispered to myself, getting out of bed to head to the...
4 months ago
J, Touch me. Just do it. We need to get this lust for each other over and done with. I don't care who we are with at the time. This sexual frustration is harder than I ever knew possible. I want to pu...
A Long Month
4 months ago
He hadn't touched her in a month. It was the longest Shayla and Kane had gone without even a little touch. She didn't know what was different in their relationship. They hadn't been fighting. Everythi...
The Succubus and Her Prey ~Night 1
4 months ago
The pain was flowing through her body! Vikila was feeling the pain her body went through when she went without sex for too long. She was your typical succubus. Disguised enough to make any young fooli...