Roman Gabrielo

Roman Gabrielo is a writer from the San Francisco Bay Area. He specializes in erotic short stories, namely his 48XTC series that explores encounters stemming from a mysterious phone app. Follow him on Snapchat : Alamedaking510

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Workplace Sexting: A 48XTC Story
5 days ago
Jeff was having a tough day at the office. For one, he was dumped with the task of sorting through 20-year-old customer files to find which ones were still active now that the firm has acquired so man...
Sexy Snapchat Amateur Review: Lou Manners
a month ago
Free porn is everywhere. It doesn’t take long to find whatever you want to tickle your fantasies just from searches on sites like Pornhub and Xxxhamster. What isn’t everywhere, however, is sexy amateu...
Deep Stretching
a month ago
Julie could hold more than just a plank.
Sexy Snapchat Amateur Review: Princess Gunna
a month ago
Sexy Snapchat amateurs come in all shapes and sizes, but it helps when you can stand out amongst the crowd. Princess Gunna stands out by standing shorter than most. But be aware: this sexy snapchat am...
Minxy_Jinxy and the Lucky Cameraman, Part 2
2 months ago
(Continuing from Part 1, Minxy_Jinxy analyzes her voyeurism play) Minxy_Jinxy was not pleased. In the past eight months, since discovering the 48XTC app, she had made well over $5,000 in tips and gift...
Hot Snapchat Amateur Review: Teasin' Housewife
2 months ago
In my quest to revamp my erotica writing hobby, I joined Snapchat to look for inspiring stories from sexy amateur Snapchatters. Little did I know how much I would enjoy ogling beautiful ladies and cou...