Rainbows Have Nothing To Hide

25 Years in the making, budding author. Expect posts on life, love, relationships and parts of the novel I am working on.  I like being ghost, write about what you want to and people actually are interested.

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10 months ago
I've always been afraid of the 'A' word.. against it.. knew that I would not like it. I always thought that men enjoy it because their G spot is in there. Where as a woman's is not. So why would I wan...
Blow Jobs: Yes or No?
10 months ago
So I know several women that dislike giving their partners, husbands, boyfriends, bit on the side, whatever oral sex and honestly it baffles me. They say it's dirty, he pee's from there, what if he do...
My First Time
10 months ago
So if you've read my previous post, you'll know that I haven't had great relationships with men (that is only one example). So let's start at the very beginning. (It's a very good place to start.) I w...