Queer Sex & Avocado's

. // So is It a lineal recapitulation of my adventures with women // Showing a lack of vulnerability // Or a calling to have my heart broken by the female kind // What am I to take from this // Anything? Read, and // You tell me // .

Step 2 – Ephemeral Encounters
a year ago
Well shit. There she was cute and alluring as I had always envisioned her to be. Her warm presence pulled me out of my stoned stupor and drew me in to her home. As soon as we met, she liked to stand n...
Step 1: Mastering the Infamous Lesbian Gayze
a year ago
I enjoy the sense of shock and excitement when two women experience the change in energy and focus of an interaction. What at first may have started as a friendly encounter...shifts. | One's heart mig...
A Complete Beginner's Guide to Scissoring
a year ago
What's this? Another Lesbian Post. Oh No. IT'S NOT. Relax. Put the mouse down. Well, in a sense, it might be. But it isn't. Because this is my story, of my sexuality and gender. So listen! Enjoy. Keep...