Phoenixx Fyre Dean

I am a wife, mom and Grammy before I'm anything else. I'm an American Patriot and a believer in the Constitution. I write true crime, erotic horror, BDSM, political and social pieces. 

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Stacy's Mom
7 months ago
1973 was the year that held the best summer of my life. I had just had my birthday in the middle of May, and the end of May saw an end to school for the year. My sister was going to band camp, my litt...
Daddy Dishes Out Discipline
7 months ago
I meant to be a good girl. Honest! I was just out of the bathtub, dried off and waiting on the rug, as Daddy had instructed. Daddy came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and another th...
Daddy Does Bath Time!
7 months ago
Daddy was home for the whole week, but that didn't mean that I got to break my routine or the rules. With my chores finished for the day, I just had my nightly one hour soak in the bathtub left to do ...
How to Wake a Sleeping Daddy
8 months ago
Daddy is going to be home all week and I have a little something special planned each day. This morning, I woke up and made daddy's coffee. I brought the coffee in his favorite mug to his bedside tabl...
Daddy's Friends Visit
8 months ago
"Take it all off and take your position." Daddy put his arm protectively around me and pulled me in closer as the girl dropped their barely there clothing to the floor. Both girls, now naked, save the...
Lexi and Blaze: Impetus
8 months ago
Remmy and Beretta were going to be away for the week. Summer camp was just a few hours away and both boys were going to spend the week at camp and then a whole week at Grandma’s ranch in Colorado. Alt...