Patricia Sarkar

Raised on a steady diet of makeup and games. Eager to share my experiences with the world and make a difference, article by article! :)

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How Popular Culture Affects Your Views on Sex
2 months ago
Recommendations for a healthy sexual life, which transmits mass culture, affect your ideas about sex. It does not matter whether you follow these tips or not. Sexual education emancipates people, rais...
Best Porn Sites for New Generation
4 months ago
Having already written multiple hottest porn star posts, we thought it would only be fair to do one for the top porn sites. After all, it is the next step when it comes to porn discovery. At first, yo...
Cialis Tadalafil vs Viagra Sildenafil
5 months ago
Until a few years ago, Viagra was alpha and omega in the field of erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment. Even when this drug was abused, used for improper purposes (such as an aphrodisiac, which is abso...
Discover the Best Premium & Free Porn Sites with Prime Porn List
5 months ago
Are you burned out on all the porn sites you regularly visit? Everyone's been there before at least once. I know I have many times. But instead of doubling down and re-watching your favorite videos or...
Adult Parodies For Geeks
2 years ago
Are geeks the pioneers of the adult industry? Costumes and characters have long been part of sexual exploits. Before the internet and mass photo printing, explicit and implicit sexual acts were repres...
Types of Guy Crushes All Girls Experienced in High School
2 years ago
When we think back to our teenage years—all the different people we went through life with and the guys we loved in high school—we might giggle a bit, realizing that hormones are very real! Back then,...