Pandora Darkblood

Just a naughty Librarian with a fire in her soul. 

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The Country and the Flower
8 months ago
She knew the minute their eyes met. They were the same. Outside, a bookish intellectual type who hides behind computer screens and masks. Inside, a ravenous and unquenchable thirst. At a lecture for t...
The Planet of Lush
8 months ago
Curiosity had gotten the best of her. From the second they landed and she saw the look on The Doctor's face, she was intrigued. Even more so when he forbade her from leaving the TARDIS. "Trust me, Ros...
8 months ago
The smell of blood was everywhere. The charcoal boats they had boarded from could still be heard bobbing against the rocky shores. They hadn't pushed very far to have obliterated their enemy so quickl...
The Performance
8 months ago
La Maison de le Joyeux was an unconventional type of theatre. Not only in what was shown but how and who it was shown to. The features varied from simple orgies to the darkest display of degradation f...
8 months ago
The train pulled into the station and she began to breathe heavily. It had been 8 long months since the last time she was near him. An eternity for souls that have mated. The steam from the engine sur...
Green Monster
8 months ago
The fire was building, he could feel it as he turned each corner. The closer he came to his destination, the hotter it became. The red crept into his vision and his breathing grew more ragged. The mon...