Paige Kostyniuk

Hi there all. I grew up in a little country town called Two Hills AB. I have been married with kids, got my diploma in basic welding and pipe fitting. I love to write, read, being crafty and I love the outdoors. City life isn't for me. 

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Sexercise to a Thinner You
3 months ago
The whole losing weight thing is not the easiest thing to accomplish and it's hard to do. Especially when you have to work so hard at it and put in so many hours and most of the time it's really not t...
Please More Pleasure Baby and Don't Stop
2 years ago
I know it was wrong, I'm sure it was wrong to think of him like I am when he's standing across the hall from me with his woman latched onto his arm. It was fine, sooner or later she'll let him go and ...
Too Much Isn't Enough
2 years ago
That one day when I was staying at my parents' place in Two Hills, I was hoping to have some peace and quiet after working up north for three weeks at a time. I worked in Yellowknife being an apprenti...