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Best Handcuffs for Beginners
a year ago
BDSM is an increasingly popular way to explore sex—and not just because of 50 Shades of Grey, either. The idea of tying up your partner is hot, and if you're into the art of Japanese shibari, it also ...
Most Popular Vintage Porn Stars We Still Love
a year ago
If there's one thing that we all can agree upon, it's that porn stars definitely do work hard for a living. It takes a Herculean amount of effort to look great naked on camera, and a single profession...
Best Sex Massage Candles You Never Knew You Needed
a year ago
Call me cheesy or call me old school, but there are few sex toys that I enjoy as much as old-school sex massage candles. If you haven't heard about sex massage candles, let me explain what they are. I...
Hottest Colombian Porn Stars
a year ago
South America has long been known to house some of the most beautiful women in the world, and that might be why so many of the hottest Latina porn stars have been making news around the world. Today, ...
How to Talk to Your Girlfriend About Threesomes
a year ago
Ah, the threesome. It's one of those sex acts that is often talked about, and rarely done in real life. Most guys assume that threesomes are something that are totally off the table when they're in a ...
10 Reasons Why You Should Follow Riley Reid on Snapchat
a year ago
If you are a fan of adult films, then you probably already know who Riley Reid is. Right now, she's one of the hottest adult film stars in the circuit—and she's rapidly climbing into the world of main...