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How To Discuss BDSM With Your Partner
2 years ago
If you're curious about kink or are a major fan of it, you're probably well-aware of how hard it can be to talk about BDSM with your partner. It can be embarrassing to talk about that side of your sex...
Things Most People Don't Understand About Sex
2 years ago
Sex is a complicated matter, and it's a major aspect of the human condition. We were born to have sex, but despite having it be part of our instinctual wiring, many of us really don't understand much ...
Ways To Up Your Sex Game
2 years ago
Once in a while, you'll hear about someone whose reputation in bed precedes them. Sometimes, the things you'll hear come from a place of envy and jealousy. Other times, you'll hear about their sexual ...
How to Throw a Swingers Party
2 years ago
In New York and Los Angeles, there's a major community of swingers who throw parties, have sex, and actually look good doing it all. In fact, these events are often incredibly selective and are someti...
Saucypants: Wearable Technology for Online Dating
2 years ago
In 2017, the dating scene seems to be almost entirely app-based. We've been blasted by creeps on OKC, swiped left on Tinder, had our Coffee Meets Bagel meet-ups, and maybe even looked into moving into a faraway place just so we could use a website like FarmersMeet because city dating just sucks that much. Apps and dating sites now account as the meeting place for as many as 1 out of every 5 couples out there. It all sounds great until you actually notice how sexualized and creepy online dating h...