Nathaniel Corns

A 20 year old trans man stumbling his way through life. Head of my student magazine, activist, English Literature and Film Studies student. 

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I Interviewed a "Content Creator"
8 months ago
First things first—what exactly is a content creator? It may come as no surprise to you that it’s what it says on the tin; a content creator is someone who creates their own content. This can come in ...
A Guide to the Perfect Vibrator
8 months ago
The world of vibrators can be intimidating—whether you’re a young person starting out or someone about to buy their tenth vibrator. Don’t worry! This simple guide can help you pick the right vibrator ...
Sex After Assault
2 years ago
**the following contains trigger warnings for: sexual assault & rape** I'm very scared to write this article because I'm not sure how it will be received. It has a very serious tone. I feel like the f...