Morgan Burkett

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Are Virgins Overrated? - Part 2
3 months ago
The next day felt like it was dragging along. Paul couldn't be more excited about the night he was going to have with Kat. He had to do his best to keep his mind off her throughout the day because eve...
A Chance Encounter
3 months ago
It all started with me having a bad day... I was looking through random Craigslist ads to try and improve my day. Maybe I'd get a laugh or even a decent lay... I came across one of those "today only" ...
Are Virgins Overrated? - Part 1
3 months ago
Paul worked in a fast food place for a few months during college. It wasn't the worst job in the world, and it paid the bills. He didn't have much time for a social life between work and school, plus ...
His First Threesome
3 months ago
Back in the "good old days" of Craigslist, was the personals page. Justin would frequently check the new posts. He wasn't really looking for anything in particular aside from a good laugh, or some men...