Mistress B Delcox

Erotica author, BDSM lover, and poetry writer

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His Brat (Pt. 5)
a month ago
Walking home, my mind is screaming at me. I shouldn't have done that last night, but nothing can change it now. I won't go back and work for Marcus tomorrow, for some reason I like him so going back w...
His Brat (Pt. 4)
a month ago
I should really stop myself, but I just can't. My hands continue to grab him and pull him to me. His hands slide down my body. Cupping my arse, he goes to lift me. My legs go to wrap around him but my...
His Brat (Pt. 3)
a month ago
The building is big, and he introduces me to the main people I will be speaking to daily. He has done well for himself, that is for sure, but I more love the fact the place is relaxed; no one stressin...
His Brat (Pt. 2)
a month ago
Rolling over, I go to sleep, the words from the contract flying through my mind, my dreams shifting into brief visions relating to his contract. I feel myself turning and unsettled. Waking up I feel f...
His Brat
a month ago
It feels like a dream, not real at all, but it is. Laid here, my heart is beating slow, my breathing perfectly relaxed, and I never thought that would be possible. I look down at the large metal cuffs...
Sex Life Gone? I Understand!
a month ago
So, why do we sometimes end up in a bottomless pit of sexual frustration yet not try solve it and go sometimes weeks without having sex? I don't think anyone truly knows their answer, I don't. I can s...