Mistress B Delcox

Erotica author, BDSM lover, and poetry writer. I often to give advice to others regarding sex, bdsm, sex toys and relationships.

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His Brat (Pt.7)
6 days ago
"So when do we get started?" He turns looking at me, shocked. Forget the kids, forget everything right now. I just want this, and right now I would honestly sign that contract and get paid to be his b...
His Brat–Part Six
10 days ago
We walk into the building and order food, once again silence is present, torturing my mind, wondering what he is thinking right now. "Okay, so you read the contract, that is a start, but you need to l...
Sex Is Still Taboo
10 days ago
It is a fact that people still see sex as a big taboo subject; people are too afraid to talk about it without feeling judged or laughed at, because it is seen as being too forward. Ladies: Can you, an...
The Difference Between BDSM and Abuse
14 days ago
Let's talk about the biggest difference between BDSM and abuse. BDSM is often confused with abuse all the time, by people who do not truly understand what BDSM actually is. What is the biggest factor ...
So You Think You're Into BDSM
14 days ago
So here is the truth is, a lot of people are into BDSM. However, some are just into one part of BDSM, not all the aspects. Before I even discuss it I will say this, it is only BDSM when it a relations...
Sex Toys, Masturbation, and Him
22 days ago
When it comes to sex alone, sex toys most often are the only answer. Most single women these days own some sort of sex toys. Then they meet someone and start a relationship, and their sex toys are hid...