Miss Aayden

When I am not reading or taking pictures I am writing. I spend my time with my dogs or in the realm of kink. Just a girl with a kinky side on a quest to educate. You can also find my posts on my blog www.calgarydomme.com

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Red Flags in BDSM
9 days ago
How many times have we read in media, fiction or non fiction, about abuse hiding in the guise of BDSM? It not only puts a negative light on a community of genuine people but it puts a stereotype on us...
The Fine Art of Opposing Sensations and Triggering the Brain
24 days ago
When you are thinking about sex, sensual, kink or the gambits in-between. Think of competing sensations and how you can use them to your advantage as a lover. You might surprise yourself or your partn...
Dom (Top) Archetypes
10 months ago
In my time within the BDSM community, I have come across so many types of Doms. Yes, this is the male identifying version of a Dom. There are good ones and bad ones. You will find you can be one of th...
The 9 Common BDSM Sub Types
10 months ago
When you think BDSM you think Dom/me type and subtypes, but how many are there really. The most common being sub and slave but there are some more common types that people relate to more then those to...
Fringe Fetishes: Puppy Play
10 months ago
Puppy Play is much more common in BDSM then one may think. Yet most people I encounter still respond with, “really?” and genuine surprise that a grown, kinky person would be into this type of play. It...