Miranda Shepard

Writer, reader, life-long student. Socialism, witchcraft, and chill. 

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Blue Light Special
a month ago
Driving Route 66 has been my go-to down-time activity for nearly 10 years; when I arrived in the US at 20 I was disappointed to find that it was no longer the iconic thoroughfare it had once been. The...
Getting to Know You(rself)
a month ago
When I was growing up sexual health was discussed in three ways; puberty, avoidance of pregnancy and STDs, and the consequences of pregnancy and STDs. In the small British town I grew up in, even in t...
Getting Your Girl Off
2 months ago
Have you ever wanted to be told that you're a woman's best ever lay (and believe her when she says it)? Do you want to hear your girl scream and beg for more? If you're one of the warriors fighting to...
Promise Fulfilled
2 months ago
Read parts 1, 2, and 3 of Jess and Martin's story now. He keeps his promises over the next year; first Martin seduces me into his bed. Then, a few weeks after that reunion, he asks me to set a safe wo...
Dirty Mouth
2 months ago
Parts one and two of Jess and Martins story are already available! Six months. Six long months have passed, and despite travelling all over the country, despite meeting people every night, despite fin...
Sex and the Sea
3 months ago
Read Part One We should have gathered our clothes, maybe, but the water was so cool and inviting... and Martins cum was still dripping down my back. I struggle to my feet and wade into the water witho...