Maya Juarez-Peña

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Where It Begins... (Ch. 14)
2 months ago
It's 9AM on Sunday morning. I look at my phone to see a group chat between Jessika and Noelle making plans for brunch. Just what I need, good food and good friends. I've decided I am not going to let ...
Where It Begins... (Ch. 13)
3 months ago
"Relax..." he says into my ear as he un-does the buttons from my jeans confidently and slowly slides his hand into them. "Mmmm I love lace..." he mutters in approval. I have no words except to press m...
Where It Begins... (Ch. 12)
3 months ago
Khyle takes out his keys for his bike, and looks down at his phone. "Hey, mind if we make a stop to switch to my car?" he says, looking over his shoulder and putting on his helmet. I nod and wrap my h...
Where It Begins... (Ch. 11)
3 months ago
The night is moving along and I am having a blast. We are all talking, making great conversation and joking around. Zane and Marisa seem like the most relaxed and confident kind of couple that can hav...
Where It Begins... (Ch. 10)
3 months ago
When we get inside I see a giant screen TV playing music videos and it is above a long bar. There is an open space with some tables that also doubles as a dance floor, I guess this place turns into a ...
Where It Begins (Ch. 9)
3 months ago
Planning my outfit for tomorrow, laying down a frayed pair of jeans that have a few tears in the knee and thigh, and I can't decide if I should wear a one piece tank top or a slightly see through v cu...