Maya Juarez-Peña

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First Time for 4
a month ago
Did something that I thought I would never do, and it felt so good. Being married does not mean that you can't continue to explore sexuality with your partner. Having a strong but yet open marriage is...
That Feeling You Give Me
2 months ago
That feel that you get, the tingles that you feel inside when he touches your skin. Fuck. The feeling that I get in my belly and down... there when you touch me. My heart speeds up and I’m breathing h...
Forbidden Ecstasy
5 months ago
I walk in, not sure of what would happen next. I had the idea of something innocent and not crossing the line. What actually happened had crossed the line, but was amazing. No one was left in the offi...
Office Affairs (Pt. 2)
5 months ago
Right when he tells me to bend over, I instantly become wet and do as I am told. I place my hands on the wall and take a few steps out to the sides to that my pussy is now fully exposed. I take a mome...
Office Affairs Pt. 1
5 months ago
He always told me that I was more than welcome to stop by his office for a little fun. I knew that if I went we would have sex, plus he was spoken for, but I was free to explore and enjoy life. I knew...
Feel It
5 months ago
I would have never imagined that him and I would be here. He asked me to lunch, as a friend, I surprisingly agreed to meet him. I have never done something like this but wanted to take a chance. He wa...