Mars Benway

I enjoy the naughtier side of life and write explicit erotic fiction for fun. Find out more at and @MarsBenway.
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Rachel's Erotic Confession
6 months ago
When I was a student I worked in a bar to earn a little extra spending money. The pay wasn’t great, but I got a share of the tips and it was a fun place to work. Most nights after we closed we’d all s...
Rebecca's Erotic Confession
6 months ago
When I look back at who I was in my last year of school I shake my head in wonder. I was so shy and so timid and so naive. I was desperate for boys to like me, and I had no idea what power I could hav...
Emma's Confession
6 months ago
Please note, all names have been changed to protect the identity of those involved. I’ve never told anyone this. I’ve always been too ashamed, but maybe finally admitting to it will help. Maybe it’ll ...
The First Time I Spanked a Girl
2 years ago
Did I ever tell you about the first night I met her? I won't tell you her name, not yet, I didn't learn it myself until the next morning. That evening she opened my eyes to a whole new world though. H...
The Noises from Next Door
2 years ago
You're lying in bed with someone you shouldn't be, trying not to listen to the couple next door. *** “There must be some mistake,” Gemma didn’t look happy, her arms were folded across her chest and he...
The Brass Bed
3 years ago
“What the hell is this?” Jane ignored the horror in my voice. “It’s a bed. It’s brilliant isn’t it?” She was going to try and win me over with enthusiasm. “It’s interesting,” I conceded. “I’ve certain...